August 5th, 2007


The day we disappeared.

Last night Celeste came into our room and asked if we were up for dinner at Mom's today. First we checked to make sure no one would be hiding in their rooms, and then we said, "Sure, whatever." We decided to be environmentally friendly this time, since Mom lives right by the church, and packed some non-church clothes to change into at Mom's house, instead of having Celeste drive us all the way back to our place from church.

Then Sarah remembered she had plans. And Celeste managed to finally get the boy she likes to notice her, and decided she wanted to go to our ward's Break the Fast dinner (it being Fast Sunday). And so Celeste came into the library at church and asked if it was okay if we didn't go to Mom's after all. We were like, "*rolls eyes* Whatever." And so, even though we had been all nice and prepared and had been looking forward to playing Band Brothers, we shift our mindset to Not-going-to-Mom's mode.

We had driven Sarah to church, because now that she's in our ward (we feel so old *pout*), she doesn't have a car on Sundays when Steve has his kids. So we drop her off, and she heads into the house while Celeste says, "You have to tell them we're not doing dinner after all." And Sarah's like, "What? No, you're coming, too!" And we started waiting in the car, but for some reason they decided we would hang out until Celeste and Sarah went to their various "plans."

Mom had been out driving Kimee to pick up Kimee's friend, and when she got back, she asked us to stay for dinner because Steve's prodigal son was coming and they wanted there to be a lot of people. I'm really not sure on the reasoning there, but okay, whatever. We still had the clothes we'd brought, as well as our DSes, so we figured if they wanted us, we may as well stay. This was only really a problem because the Not-going-to-Mom's mindset was sounding kind of nice, especially since Celeste said she was going to stay at church after Break the Fast until the fireside was over, so we'd have the apartment to ourselves for a long time. But Mom was nice enough to make us french toast for dinner, since she knew we weren't too excited about the deli sandwiches they'd had planned.

So we hung out and played Band Brothers for a while. Somebody finished off all the brownies, so they started talking about making chocolate oatmeal cookies. Mom and I guess everybody in her house fast lunch-to-lunch, but we fast dinner-to-dinner, so we weren't liking this idea. Fortunately, we successfully distracted them with Disney's Robin Hood, which no one in Steve's family had seen all the way through. We found out later that Steve's kids don't know who Maleficent is, either, which we thought was very strange, and we marveled at how any kid could be so deprived as to not know who Maleficent is. Scott argued that actually he and Kimee have slightly above average Disney knowledge, while we are just super above average. This didn't make a whole lot of sense to us, because almost everybody else we know (I'd almost venture to say everybody else we know, but there's always exceptions) knows who Maleficent is. But then again, we somehow always find ourselves around people whose interests might take them a little closer to Disney than average. Mystery...

After the movie, they made us play Scum, a card game about the oppression of the lower classes. This was especially ironic as we had just watched Robin Hood. I feel a little bad for being such a brat during it, though. At least we were good sports during Catchphrase. Except that we got impatient when the other team couldn't guess stuff and started helping out once or twice. We and Mom got a good laugh when the boys' team couldn't figure out "barrette." If only these kids had had a good upbringing with Final Fantasy VII. Then it would have been easy.

Celeste called while we were playing Scum to let us know that, while the original plan was for her to come back after Break the Fast and have dinner with the rest of us, something had come up and she wouldn't be returning. So basically she ditched us for a guy. And that is why she doesn't get any of the chocolate oatmeal cookies Mom was so kind to make for us. Mom felt sorry for us when we were complaining that cantaloupe, a fruit, was Not dessert. (It's like our cousin Philip said: Why would I ruin a perfectly good dessert with fruit? (And he actually eats fruit a lot more regularly, so coming from him it's more okay.)) Man, we were such brats tonight. But we've been worse. We were very good when we were playing Catchphrase. And I think we probably would have been quiet about dessert if there hadn't been talk of chocolate oatmeal cookies earlier.

And then Celeste came back in time to save us from another round of Scum, which we were also being kind of bratty about. I really don't understand their obsession with it, though. If they want to play a game with hierarchy and moving around, they should play King Elephant, because food chain hierarchy isn't as stupid and King Elephant is just more entertaining in general.

Today I'm thankful for Disney's Robin Hood, Mom being ultra-super nice and making us cookies, preparedness, figuring out the pattern on amateur mode rock drum for Zenbu Dakishimete, and getting home in time for something we like to do.
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