July 31st, 2007


Happy Birthday Harry! (but this entry isn't about him at all)

I'm still on page 1 of Deathly Hallows! Whee!

Last night when we got to FHE we were both really annoyed. We're pretty sure it had something to do with the country music playing on the way there, and then there not being any room on the stage to sit when we got there. And so we sat down at the tables that had been set up in a circle, and looked at the little printouts. We had been told on Sunday that we would be playing getting to know you games (or just one game, they made it kind of vague, and now we know the bishop did it on purpose). But reading the printout, somehow it seemed like the activity was something like speed dating. This only made me more upset, but we gave them (though I'm not sure who "them" are) the benefit of the doubt, because as far as we knew, speed dating did not involve the tables being covered in butcher paper and having crayons. (That was another point of annoyance, as they had clearly gotten the crayons from the library, and, as the ward librarians, we have a thing against things being taken out of the library without being checked out.)

So as we were sitting there being annoyed, a guy came out and placed some bowls of Starbursts on a couple of the tables. I figured it would be better to help out with something than to sit around being annoyed, because then at least we could be annoyed and productive, so we followed him back to where he came from and found one of the women from the older couples in the ward filling bowls with candy. This was to be part of the activity, we were told. So we helped out by putting candy out on the tables, and that helped us feel a lot better, which was good because as it turns out, the activity really was speed dating. (The bishop said, "Some people call it speed dating, but we call it 'getting to know each other'!" Athena now notes, for future reference, that the bishop is in charge of FHE on fifth Mondays, and that means he's going to encourage people to get married.) But the point is, service really does help you feel better! Yay!

I think the biggest thing I got out of last night was a new comeback for the eternal "Are you twins?" question. One guy came in late and, since for some reason there was a big gap where there were no guys talking to me or Athena or the girls around us, he sat across from me and started talking. About a minute in, he noticed Athena (she wasn't sitting right next to me--she was at the next table, because she wanted Starburst, and I wanted Skittles), and stopped and asked, "Wait, are you sisters?" So I said, "A lot of people think that," and went on with what I was saying. He didn't realize we really are sisters until I started telling the story of how I got my name, and pointed at Athena when I was naming my older sisters.

The Skittles thing reminded me of the other thing I got out of the evening, and that was that when you eat Skittles and peanut M&Ms together, it tastes kind of like peanut butter and jelly and chocolate.

As for how the "dating" went, there were maybe one or two guys I'd consider dating, but...

I feel like there was something I else I wanted to talk about... Oh yeah! I Hate You More Than Anyone volume 1 is out today!!!! If you're out at a bookstore, check it out!

They announced a couple of things we're working on at Comic Con, too, but we're still not sure we're really allowed to talk about them, so that's all I'll say here about that.

Today I'm thankful for Skittles (taste the rainbow!), new flavor combinations, being done going out in the heat, packages being in transit and on time, and having candy bars.