July 23rd, 2007


I think Harry would understand if you took time out for dinner.

Last night was interesting, only in that boring way. I don't even know why I had been thinking it before, but before Celeste told us we'd been invited to dinner at Mom's, I thought it was something that wouldn't happen this weekend, because Mom would be too busy reading Harry Potter. I really should have questioned it at the time, but later when Celeste was being wishy-washy about it at church, Sarah (who is now in our ward, weird) was acting like she really wanted us there, so maybe it's good that I didn't.

But as it turns out, Mom was annoyed that she had to focus on this whole dinner thing when really all she wanted to do was read Harry Potter. It's understandable, because she wasn't involved in the planning of the dinner. It was Celeste saying, "Hey, whatever happened to that Sunday Night Dinner idea you kept talking about?" and Steve responding with, "I'm up for it! Come on over!" So Mom hiding in her room reading Harry Potter the whole time was far less annoying than Steve hiding in their room reading Harry Potter the whole time while Celeste hid in Sarah's room reading Harry Potter the whole time. Oy.

We managed to have a decent time, anyway. We brought Band Brothers, which is always fun, but a little sad because we'd been wanting to play with six people. Scott and Kimee were there, but Celeste was too busy reading Harry Potter. On the one hand, that meant that Scott, who had lost his DS, could now use hers, but on the other, if Celeste had played, Mom could have lent Scott her DS, since she was going to be reading Harry Potter anyway.

I have come to the conclusion that Harry Potter makes people crazy.

Everybody came out for dinner (Mom and Steve took turns preparing) and we had a little bit of interesting conversation, but it was kinda boring, and then all the Harry Potter Drones returned to their reading while Sarah and the kids had been ordered to clean the kitchen. We told Sarah we were lacking in dessert, and she immediately brought out the recipe for the hot fudge pudding cake she likes to make (because it's easy). She was supposed to be washing dishes, though, so she helped Kimee with the recipe while washing dishes, until I stepped in and helped, because Sarah was being nice enough to make dessert without complaining.

But then Celeste got a call from one of the cute boys she met last night and so we had to come home before dessert was done so she could get ready. The original plan was for Sarah to bring us dessert when she picked Celeste up for the thing (Celeste's car only had enough gas to make it home), but Sarah realized she didn't have enough time, so now she's agreed to make us another hot fudge pudding cake, because it tastes better fresh.

Fortunately, we had baked ourselves some peanut butter cookies on Saturday night, so we had dessert anyway. And we got to play Kingdom Hearts and watch our favorite scene in Hollow Bastion a few more times. Apparently we hadn't gotten enough of it despite seeing it, at the very least, twelve times last week. It is a very good scene, even if David Gallagher and Billy Zane don't know which words to emphasize in a couple of the most important lines in the whole game. (Final Mix has an option to skip scenes you've already seen, but last week it felt wrong. This week, not quite so much, but there were times where we reset it instead of continuing, and then you don't get to skip.)

And then! we checked our e-mail and found out CD Japan shipped our order! Four days earlier than we expected! Yay! This is very exciting.

And that brings us to today, where we still don't have what we need to get started on the one thing, so we spent all day doing research. That research is addictive.

Today I'm thankful for dessert-making little sisters, having spare dessert when the one dessert plan fails, jobs that require fun research, the nice cloud cover today, and getting shiny shipping confirmations.