July 21st, 2007


This entry is Not about Harry Potter.

Okay, it has bits about Harry Potter in it, but not about the actual story, just about getting the book and who gets to read it when, and that's only for the first little bit. The rest is about other random stuff that's more awesome.

There should be a rule that no one is allowed to talk about the new Harry Potter book for a week after it comes out, except for the, "Yay I got it!" before it's read. But I guess that's kind of pointless now, what with the last book being out and all. Not that it's a huge issue, but we never skipped entries on our friends' list without even reading the first sentence before. I never really understood why it's such a contest to finish reading it so quickly, anyway. Getting a book at midnight, when, even if you are used to staying up that late, you're probably still tired (unless you're nocturnal), and forcing yourself to stay up for hours longer to speed-read a million page novel doesn't strike me as the most effective way to enjoy a book.

But that's enough ranting. Celeste told us yesterday that she wasn't going to go to the midnight release after all, for various reasons including the fear of spoiler fiends and the very-bad-idea-ness of staying up all weekend. But then she went to hang out with Sarah and they ended up going to the midnight release anyway. Go figure.

We waited until after breakfast this morning to flip a coin to see who would read it first, and Athena won, so I got to scrub the bathtub! Yay!

It's not that it was like a bet and the winner got to read Harry Potter while the loser did chores--we both had chores we'd been wanting to get done, and with our work schedule being so crazy, while the other one is reading HP seemed like the optimal time for actually doing them. But! we did see a thing on Nick@Nite last night where apparently if they won the Dairy Queen ice cream topping contest, this family would get $500 worth of DQ gift cards, but if they lost, the host people would take their home's air conditioner. It was called Bet the House, and it was very intriguing, but it was only on during commercials, and we didn't want to watch an entire night of Fresh Prince of Bel Air when we had research to do. But we did watch long enough to see the game where they asked the family trivia about the family, and if they lost (which they did), they would take all their pillows. In retrospect, it may not have been fair to ask one of the kids in the Horowitz family to spell their last name backwards.

Changing the subject entirely, apparently FUNimation has the Host Club anime. We used to think FUNimation was cool, but then they did that ridiculous cease and desist order for Akadot Retail to stop selling the import version of the FullMetal Alchemist soundtrack, which was not bootleg and completely legal--they just weren't getting paid for it. And then they started acting like they think they're the coolest thing since ADV. And we all know how cool the Twins think ADV is. It's like in trying to overthrow the evil empire that was ADV, they became the evil empire. You know they're selling Fruits Basket bobble-heads? (Okay, so that's not even as bad as the way Disney markets everything they own...)

Maybe we're just bitter about all the popularity of dubs. Ah well. Host Club has always kind of felt like the series that got away or something. Like we found it, and it was awesome, but then we looked around, and we just weren't... there. And then Viz already had the manga. It's difficult to describe.

But when we were going through tagging old LJ entries last night, we came across the making of Host Quiz, and that was fun! We were happy that, now that we've read some of the manga, instead of being like, "Oh no, we totally messed up that character!" we were more like, "We nailed it!" We can be so egotistical sometimes. (Yay! I'm like Tamaki♥)

Today I'm thankful for having a shiny scrubbed bathtub, getting to play the piano (the music for the second-to-last battle in Final Fantasy IX is really fun to play), Final Fantasy IX sheet music, Host Quiz revisited, and still having some cookies to go eat.