July 20th, 2007


The hidden kingdom

We did eventually hear back from Yen Press yesterday, and everything was fine, but we still don't have the translation guidelines. We e-mailed again today and haven't heard back yet. I really think that if there was a story based on our lives, and all the companies we work for are kingdoms, Yen Press would be the castle floating in the sky that only shows up every once in a while, and there's a magic pathway from somewhere in the forest that not only only shows up when the castle is around but there's some special trick to finding it that we haven't figured out yet. Or I guess it could be like the Lost Woods in the Legend of Zelda or Black Mage Village in Final Fantasy IX, where you keep ending up in the same "room" until you figure out the special directions. Or something.

Anyway, it looks like we won't be picking up our copy of Harry Potter at midnight tonight, although communication is obviously very poor, so I could very well be wrong. See, when the idea was first brought up, it was Celeste saying she wasn't sure if she wanted to go to a midnight release, because she has no geek friends to go with so it wouldn't be as fun. That wasn't quite as offensive when we were still planning to go to Otakon, but it's an attitude she seemed to keep up. After we'd decided not to go to Otakon after all, I didn't really get a chance to bring it up until the next day at FHE. A girl in the ward is leaving on her mission soon, and she's having an open house today. As we were leaving FHE, she gave us invitations and said she really wanted us to be there, and after we parted ways, I said to Celeste that we could go to the open house and then go get Harry Potter.

We both seem to remember saying things to the effect of, "We can all go," but either Celeste didn't pick up on that, or she was confused last night when I mentioned that the spoiler fiends might show up at a midnight release, so I was a little concerned about going. Athena brushed it off, saying it probably wouldn't be that big a problem, and I even suggested making up our own spoilers to throw around (incidentally, the one John Oliver gave on the Daily Show last night was hilarious. He was at a bookstore waiting for the release, and Jon Stewart asked about the kids there and whether or not they were worried about spoilers or anything, and he said, "Fortunately, they are blissfully unaware that Harry is decapitated by Ron, who actually turns out to be Voldemort's robot son. Oh, um... spoiler alert! ...retroactively..."), and Celeste suggested we go with the standard "Harry dies," so I know she was listening.

But then later she asked if we could interrupt the Colbert Report to have prayer so she could go right to sleep, because she had called not-boyfriend lackey to go with her for the Harry Potter retrieval and now she was committed to help him with his paper route. We didn't have much time to question her, so for now our theory is that we're not invited. But that's just as well, because we have research to do anyway, and we don't have costumes. The last Harry Potter midnight release we went to wasn't the most spectacular thing ever, either (although it was fun), so we probably won't be missing out on much.

I just think it's ironic that, while she might be pushing herself to stay awake for this thing, we stay up past one regularly and we'd probably still be up playing video games by the time she got home and went to bed, except that she won't be going to bed because she's determined to read the book within the weekend (none of us have the speed-reading capabilities to finish the book in a few hours, but we're okay with that because we think we get better retention that way). She works at a preschool, so we can understand the concern.

At this point, we're almost like, "Let's get the book and get it read already!" so that we don't have to worry about reading it anymore, what with all our work and research and video games and anime and man I wanna watch Gate Keepers.

Anyway, today I'm thankful for having had baked Ruffles (all gone now *sniffle*), hidden forest/sky kingdoms, having time to catch up on anime while we wait for guidelines (especially since once Harry Potter comes along, that'll be the first thing shoved onto the back burner), invitations, and Hogwarts.