July 14th, 2007


Pictures!!! part 2

I hope everyone is enjoying our pictures so far! Here's the next batch!

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And that's the last one before we found the Kingdom Hearts gathering, and the nineteenth one in this batch, so we think it's a good stopping point. I'm not the best of photographers, but I do think we got some pretty awesome photos, so I hope you all take the time to look at them.

Brief thoughts on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: probably the best adaptation so far, in our opinions. Luna is the cutest thing ever, and though I didn't think Umbridge was what I'd imagined, she pulled off the part extremely well, and whoever designed her wardrobe is brilliant.

Today I'm thankful for good movie adaptations, having The Cookies (the generic ones they sell at all the grocery stores--round sugar cookies with a ton of frosting; we used to get them all the time in Utah, but we haven't really had the chance since, until last night), people reading (and cosplaying! (except for the cosplayers not being us *pout*)) +ANIMA, Cocoa Pebbles being on sale at Winco these many weeks, and getting to hear the Zelda theme on sax, tambourine, and pianica.