July 13th, 2007



I was beginning to wonder if the Things I mentioned being in the works on Tuesday were a figment of my imagination, and then I was wondering if saying that they were would cause something to happen to prove that their not, when we got an e-mail that hasn't yet proved they're really happening, but does give strong evidence to that effect.

But anyway, we actually did have extra time today. We almost didn't, because we started working on +ANIMA and it's really hard to stop, but we were strong, and now we have pictures! Da-dah!! We didn't take a whole lot of pictures this year, but I think at least half of the ones we took were completely awesome (for reasons that may be known only to us...), so we'll be posting all of them, except for the ones we had duplicates of. The main reasoning behind whether or not we'd take a picture of something was the answer to the question, "How much does this cosplayer make us think, 'Oh! We need a picture!!!!'" (Sometimes the answer was, "Are you from Final Fantasy XI? Yes? Then, very much.") Though there were some that we took just because there was somebody who "happened to be posing as we were walking by and they were pretty cool I guess."

We have about 64, so we'll be posting them in batches, including a separate batch for pictures where the costume itself could be a spoiler (for example, an alternate form of SailorMoon that doesn't show up until like the end (but there aren't any of those)). So here's batch number 1!!

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And that's it for our day one pictures! I think we got more pictures that day than any other. Maybe we were tired later on? Or just unimpressed. As the convention goes on, you do tend to see more and more of the same characters over and over. Yeah, that probably had a lot to do with it. I alternated between putting the comments above the picture and below, so hopefully it's not too confusing.

Later today, we'll finally be going to see Harry Potter. We decided we didn't care about seeing it when it opened, because it's not like we'd be spoiled for anything. Since we've read the book, and all. And maybe we'll have more time for +ANIMA!!!

Today I'm thankful for currently being on a series that's much less time-consuming, evidence that we're not imagining things, AX photos, easy-to-use resize functions, and having plans to go grocery shopping.

EDIT!!!!: I forgot something very important about the Syaoran/Sakura picture! I wanted to point out that they're sitting on Syaoran's cape! Too cute, man♥