July 9th, 2007

kid flash

80 questions!

This meme started going around while we were doing our AX report, and we wanted to do it the moment we saw it. So here it is!

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In other news, today we learned that air conditioning is important for keeping up morale. Work went sooooo sloooow today. It picked up towards the end though, so hopefully tomorrow won't be so bad. If it does keep up, though, we're going to have to tell Dad that we can't make it to Otakon. Or we could ask our boss at TokyoPop to extend our deadline, but we've been working so hard to keep up our record of never being past deadline or having to ask for an extension. Or we could, you know, work more hours. Psh. We'll see.

Today I'm thankful for the random thank you thread at the AX forums, morale boosters, work picking up, chances to talk about ourselves, and French vanilla ice cream.