July 5th, 2007


AX Revisited, part the second

Pocky makes me happy. And suddenly I'm being spell checked all over the place. Is it the Firefox upgrade? Ironically, I'm not spell checked in the word processor we're using, which is like the one place it matters. We turned it off when we were turning off some other feature that seems handy in theory but was actually causing us problems because of strange formats and whatnot. Ah well.

Aaaaanyway. On with the AX report!

Collapse )

That was really long. We hope you'll read it, even if not all in one sitting, because we had fun writing it, so we hope people can have fun reading it. This is why I have to only do one day at a time. Eheh.

Today I'm thankful for new autographed CDs, adorable couples pictures, winning stuff, Final Fantasy trivia, and eccentric billionaire(?) companies.