June 27th, 2007


Talk about your tender mercies

We're doing much better today than yesterday. We ended up deciding to take the train, which at once felt nice because people don't seem to hate you for needing a ride to the train station as much, and not so nice because it meant we have to take the train. Now, you all know we took the train two weeks ago, and it wasn't bad at all, but we have a fear of public transportation, and we were freaking out because we didn't know how we'd get from the train station (or bus stop? we'll be taking an Amtrak bus from Bakersfield to Long Beach) to our hotel, which is especially scary because we'll have all our costumes. The directions are pretty simple, but we have no concept of real distances when all we have is a number in miles to go by.

We were also a little worried that we'd take all that effort to get to Long Beach and find out that something went wrong with our hotel roommies and we didn't have a place to stay after all. We hadn't heard from them in a while, and we figured they were probably busy getting for the convention, so we weren't too worried--just worried. We e-mailed them letting them know when our bus gets in and what time we hoped to be able to make it to the hotel by, and hoped for the best.

This morning, we got an e-mail from the one we've been in touch with, and she said it was pretty convenient, because her bus gets in to Long Beach at the same time. After reading the rest of the details, we realized that we'll be riding in the same bus! Crazy! So now even if we don't have an idea how to get to the hotel from the station, at least we'll be in good company. She was originally planning to drive, but is having car troubles, so we don't know if she knows how we'd get to the hotel, either. Last night, my visiting teacher gave us a little insight into how taxis work, so we have a few options. Here's hoping there's a shuttle!

Well, I guess that's about it for our pre-AX stuff. We still have some packing and stuff... and I just remembered we forgot to buy a new pack of safety pins. We really need to stop losing those.

Today I'm thankful for not being alone on our bus trip, Sarah driving us to the store today, lists to help us not forget important AX stuff, re-evaluating and discovering we don't need that many safety pins, and pleasant visiting teaching visits.