June 25th, 2007


The one that really got away.

This is a sad, sad tale. Well, maybe not all that sad. And it's not the first title we didn't get to translate for one reason or another, but it is the first one we wanted like craaaaazy and didn't get to translate, so it gets an entry anyway.

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So that's our story about Kilala Princess. How did you like the twist ending? Or did you see it coming a mile away?

We really ought to see about getting ourselves Japanese copies of Kilala Princess--there are two English volumes out already. We really want to read it, but we prefer our manga in Japanese. We're such brats.

On a completely random note, today there was a strange man looking in our window!! Juuuust kidding. He was outside our window, but not looking in (we think), which is only unusual because we're on the second floor. But he was just pruning the tree outside, so now with so many branches gone our room is much brighter! Though it is a little sad that Oreo's bed of leaves on the balcony is gone now. Poor kitty.

Today I'm thankful for a brighter bedroom, crazy hats (I'm wearing my Thorn hat right now! Whee!), plot twists, tiger butter (or is it tigger butter?) fudge, and storage bins.