June 24th, 2007


Stuff and things

Well, playing the piano in church today went pretty well. I have major stage fright apparently when I'm not just accompanying the congregation. I figure this is either because all the embellishments and hard-to-play-ness make me nervous or both times I've done it recently I've been kind of annoyed with it. I messed up a little when it started to get fancy during the chorus. I recovered for the piano solo, but once that was over I was so shaken up (literally, I couldn't stop shaking) that I couldn't play the rest of it properly. But I got the outro right, so I guess nobody really noticed. And three people came into the library and complimented me on my playing. One girl said, "I never knew you could play like that!" And I just want to say that I think probably anyone could play like that if they practiced hard enough, because I really don't think it was that difficult a piece. It just sounded hard, and I messed up because I don't practice enough.

And now we're listening to the orchestrated version of Hikari over and over and over in hopes of getting that arrangement of "I Stand All Amazed" our of our heads. Maybe we should just let it go naturally, but I like Hikari, so it's all good. Incidentally, the orchestrated version of Hikari was arranged by Kaoru Wada who has done a lot of awesome anime soundtracks, including D. Gray-Man and Princess Tutu. And I think Inuyasha, too, but I have to check. *checks* Yup, Inuyasha, too.

We had a pretty awesome lesson on integrity. Of course, we tend to think any lesson on integrity is awesome, because integrity is awesome. So it's one of our favorite things to learn about. But my favorite thing was the part in the manual that says, "Integrity in individuals and corporate bodies is not to ask, 'What will others think of me, and my practices?' but, 'What do I think of myself if I do this or fail to do that?'" It's more important to be good than to look good.

So! the story of the friendly cast member at the Star Trader. See, when we were wandering around Downtown Disney, we saw one of the coolest things ever, and we wanted to take a picture so everyone could see, but it was merchandise and we didn't feel good about photographing merchandise that we weren't going to buy. So we were a little sad.

But then! in the park we saw the same thing only plush version, and therefore more affordable. So now you can all see it! (Or at least the plush version.) And not only did they have that! but they also had another one (that, sadly, we did not see in collectible statue form) in case that one's not cool enough.

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And that's the story of the awesome cast member. Tadah! Okay, so maybe it's not that much of a story, but she was very nice.

Today I'm thankful for being done performing that piece, Disneyland cast members who will talk about Comic Con and the like, awesome plushies, lesson on integrity, and dad jokes.