June 23rd, 2007



We decided to check out Devil May Cry, since the first two episodes were up for download. We got the first episode and started watching, and not one minute into it, a guy gets shot in the forehead and the blood just pours out, so that was the end of that. So we decided to update LiveJournal instead.

Today's been kind of interesting. We got a book from CMX this morning, and they need the summary so we spent a lot of time reading manga because everybody involved is leaving for AX by Thursday (our editor at CMX will be speaking at two panels! It's really looking like we'll be hitting more industry panels than GoH panels this year. Come to think of it, every time AX is in Long Beach, we end up going to more industry panels than usual...). We've gotten so far behind on all our non-work stuff that we're kind of afraid for our schedules. We don't even get a break when we get back from AX, with all our deadlines. We probably ought to stop insisting on being in the middle of three video games at once--that might help. I guess that means it's a good thing we couldn't get a hold of Mom to take us fabric shopping today, since we won't suddenly be killing ourselves to finish new costumes. Now I kind of feel the same way we did when we decided not to go on the new Finding Nemo ride. Alas.

For next AX, I'm starting costumes on July 7th! Only probably not, because we have work and we're trying to make it to Otakon. Though that's getting kind of annoying, too, because Dad's being a dork. He knows we hate buses, but he's like, "And we'll show you how to take the bus to the convention..." That in itself wouldn't be so much a problem, since we're already kind of inconveniencing them in the first place, but before we made the plans we called to see if it was okay and if they'd drive us. I guess "take care of transportation" doesn't mean "drive," though. But when we were talking about plane tickets, I'm telling him we can get them much cheaper if we fly into Dulles instead of Baltimore, and he's like, "Try not to fly into Dulles, because we have a hard time getting there," which, also, wouldn't be as much of a problem except that either way, it's looking like we have to fly out of San Jose (or maybe LAX, we haven't really looked into that), and he's all like, "Well you can do whatever you can to get to San Jose," (which, incidentally, is about a three hour drive,) "but I can't be troubled to drive to Dulles." I'm really tired of this, "No we really want you to be around... as long as we don't have to lift a finger," attitude we seem to be getting. Ugh.

Okay, done venting. Eheh.

Adding to the craziness, Celeste is singing in church tomorrow and I'll be accompanying her, so I still have a little practicing to do. I'm just a little annoyed because after all the practicing I did yesterday, I've gotten kind of bored with the song (it probably doesn't help that I have a few issues with a lot of the popular arrangements of "I Stand All Amazed"). But there's a part where the piano kind of goes on a field day, so I have to make sure I have it down. It's only especially frustrating because I'm afraid to play anything else when I'm done (to have some fun after practicing), because I'm afraid I'll forget how to play it. Alas again.

On the bright side, we have a lot of fun anime to watch, so I better go and get the practicing done. Today I'm thankful for shiny new manga to read (and summarize, eheh), having plenty of pretty costumes even though it looks like we won't get to make new ones, having time to catch up on anime a little today, not having to add a new series to our list right now, and fast delivery.