June 20th, 2007


AX Travel Plans

It's awesome how things work out sometimes. On Monday, we were thinking about AX and how we still haven't figured out how we're going to get back from it, and remembering our awesome ex home teacher who drove us to AX'05, and had even asked us last year when the convention was and if we needed a ride. We had thought about asking him to drive us back, but we weren't ever able to catch him at church. So after we were thinking about all that, we go to Family Home Evening, and guess who's there taking pictures! And! he came up and said hi to us, so there was no excuse of, "Oh, he's busy talking to other people or taking pictures or something."

We told him we weren't sure how we were going to get back from AX, and he immediately pulled out his cell phone and asked when it was. So now it's looking like we finally have things just about in order.

Currently, he is under the impression that we'll want to be coming back to Fresno on the 3rd, which would mean no Disneyland for us. But if anyone by any chance wants us to be at Disneyland to save seats or something, he seems pretty flexible. But you'd better speak now, because we don't know what his work schedule's like or anything. I couldn't guarantee anything of course. We also told him we'd look into other options, because it's kind of a really huge favor to ask somebody to drive all the way from Fresno to Long Beach and back just to pick someone up. On the other hand, he has a friend in Northridge, so he seemed to like the idea of taking us down on Thursday and hanging out with his friend until Tuesday. So nothing's set in stone, but there's at least an outline, and that makes me happy.

The not quite so happy part is that it's looking like the only new set of costumes we'll have is Zorn and Thorn. If we could get to a fabric store, I might have time to make Hitachiin Cheshire Cat costumes (that way we won't need to find wigs, or at least it won't be as important) and Fine and Rain Royal Wonder Academy school uniforms. I really want to do Fine and Rain because the actress who played Rain will be at AX, but we just have to see what happens.

On a completely unrelated note, there's going to be an anime animated series based on Sideways Stories from Wayside School! It's actually a little baffling, because it'll be a new Nicktoon, so we're like, "That's awesome that you have a Wayside series, but what about Danny Phantom? You've got like twenty episodes we know you've made but haven't aired!" Still, we're looking forward to checking it out!

Changing the subject again, yesterday (or was it Monday?) Mom called from a bookstore in Alabama where she was buying some of the manga we translate so Grandma could read it. It was kind of interesting, because she kept asking what we translate and we checked the list (our mental filing systems are not always that great) and kept coming up with things that we weren't so sure we'd want our grandmother to read. For example, Saiyuki isn't something you'd really want to watch with your grandparents. Then again, if she reads Fruits Basket and likes it, then we might feel more comfortable recommending things that might be considered "scarier" for those less familiar with anime and manga. So we'll see how that works out.

Today I'm very thankful for people in the world who enjoy driving and don't mind picking people up, Nestle's Tollhouse Minis, having our sink fixed, having our AC fixed, and things working out.