June 19th, 2007


More on the Happiest Place on Earth

It's really hard to feel motivated in this heat. This is the third summer we've lived here and the third summer we've had to get our air conditioning fixed before we could start using it. Right now we're waiting for the guy to show up, but we know it won't be until after five. It makes us miss our beloved Disneyland and it's twenty-degrees-cooler weather that much more.

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Wow, just writing that up has me exhausted again. Or more likely it's the heat. At any rate, it was very long, so our thanks and respect to anyone who made it all the way through both reports. We do have pictures, but I'm too lazy to post them unless people are eager to see them (don't hesitate to ask!).

Today I'm thankful for friendly Disneyland cast members, conversation-starting t-shirts, miracle fast passes, getting to see the fireworks, and Fantasmic!.