June 5th, 2007


They know our weakness!

Rightstuf is having another one of their evilly brilliant 10 DVDs for $50 / 25 DVDs for $100 sales. This time, all the DVDs are from Geneon, and since we have all of the Saiyuki Reload anime now and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, Strawberry Marshmallow, and any volume past 1 of The Law of Ueki aren't part of the sale, we would have been able to ignore this one. But, and I may or may not have mentioned this back when we were obsessing over Princess Tutu and Junichi Sato, Sato-san was the director (and, come to find out later, the creator) of Gatekeepers, meaning we needed to keep an eye out for some opportunity to see it. And guess what was part of the sale?

It's still really weird to think of Junichi Sato having anything to do with Gatekeepers, though, because not only is it not magical girl, it's like sci-fi. That's like the opposite of magical girl. Unless you count MOMO in Xenosaga, but still. At any rate, since Takahiro Sakurai♥ plays the main character, we're really looking forward to seeing it. The last time we bought a series on a whim after only seeing one episode a long time ago that we don't really remember (Gokudo) was also because the main character was played by one of our favorite voice actors from Aichi Prefecture (Akira Ishida♥), and we weren't disappointed. And we have yet to see something directed by Sato-san that we haven't really liked.

We're just having a really hard time not spending money right now, because we're weak obviously. And stupid. We made an order from the Disney Movie Club on Thursday (we wanted The Fox and the Hound), not realizing that if we'd only waited a few days, we would have gotten the e-mail telling us we had to make an order today anyway, as they finally got Peter Pan in (apparently the Disney Movie Club is the last stop before The Vault), which we'd been waiting for. Oy.

In the meantime, we're racing to finish this translation for Del Rey, because the deadline kind of snuck up on us, so it's due in about a week. Normally that wouldn't be a problem at all, but a certain shiny package is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and we'll probably take a short break from official work translations so we can translate the contents of that package instead. It'll probably only take a day, but it would be sad to have just finished it and then have to go right back into a different series.

As part of the shiny package, we'll be getting Arcana volume 2. Why volume 2? Because 1 and 3 weren't available at the store we were getting the other thing from. (Why don't I just come out and say what the other thing is? Well, it's more fun not to, for one thing.) But Arcana is a series of anthologies anyway, so we don't have to worry about continuity. Basically, all the manga artists for Zero-Sum do a short story and they put them together in Arcana. We really wanted to get volume 3, because the theme for that one is princes and princesses, and Kazuya Minekura did the cover with a really sexy prince with a gun. Though his hair is kind of stupid, thinking about it. Somehow it works anyway. And the pin-up is by Sakura Kinoshita (Matantei Loki, tactics)! We didn't even know she was drawing for Zero-Sum/Ichijinsha!

But after watching Robin Hood on Sunday and Pirates of the Caribbean the week before, we're pretty excited anyway, because the theme for volume 2 is thieves, pirates, and sky pirates. I really should remember more often how much I like thieving main characters. Zidane, Balthier (not a main character if you ask anyone but him), Robin Hood, Jack Sparrow, Gokudo, etc. etc.

(In case anyone's curious, the theme for volume 1 is butlers. We wonder if the editor was into Hayate the Combat Butler at the time they decided that...)

Anyway, we really need to stop spending money for a while. Oy.

Today I'm thankful for having our sink fixed again, finally having ordered a Fruits Basket CD (it's about time we have some actual Fruits Basket music to listen to while we translate it--and with four whole volumes left!), the promise of shiny packages, comic anthologies, and getting an Ueki DVD! Eeee!