June 4th, 2007


Is this thing on?

Checking again to see if our posting ability is back to normal yet. Now I'm just going to ramble and see if I can actually post it. If I can't, then I'll post something random and cryptic and then everyone will go, "What the!?" and it'll be awesome. Assuming that everyone actually goes "What the!?" instead of just rolling their eyes.

AX is looking like it's turning out to be more of a music festival than an anime expo, which is kind of annoying. I generally like anime for the anime more than just the theme music. Maybe that's just us. But it could just be that since people complained so much about the lack of an awesome concert last year, they made sure to ask about a million people musical people and somehow they all managed to find time in their schedules, while more of the people on the production side of things are still trying to work it in and haven't been able to commit yet. I hope that's the case. So far they only have one character designer and no manga artists, and it's always the sketchboards that bring in the most money for the charity auction. How are they supposed to get tens of thousands of dollars without more artists?

We watched Robin Hood last night and it was awesome. Archers are sexy. Too bad he's a fox. I mean like the animal. Because if he was human, he'd probably be a fox, too. They should make an anime of Robin Hood.

We also played more Kingdom Hearts yesterday. It's still weird how big the Heartless all are as compared to Kingdom Hearts II. I keep thinking they made them all bigger for Final Mix. We also encountered a Black Ballad for the first time, and that was pretty neat. But it ran away, so we don't know what happens when you beat it.

Well, it keeps saving autodrafts, so hopefully that's a good sign. Today I'm thankful for Robin Hood, clean bathroom counters, extra stories about Ikue, kitties wanting our attention, and this post being posted *crosses fingers*