May 29th, 2007


Brain power down

Today is a day of being drained. Blaaaaaaahhh. But! we were productive, so it's good! We spent our workday re-reading our translation of the CMX series, and looking up all the stuff we highlighted on Google and Wikipedia. You'd think it wouldn't be so hard to find mahjong term explanations. And for some reason, spending time doing research for work is a lot more draining than actual work, hence the exhaustion.

There's also a bit of social anxiety. Last night, FHE was very good for us socially, except that we did end up whining a lot. We'd been getting annoyed with Celeste for being difficult when we need rides (other than to FHE and church, where she's going anyway), and with that and other things we were just about fed up by the time the three-day weekend was over. So when Celeste was inside the church playing voleyball and a very kind girl from the ward came and asked us how we were doing, she became our unknowing victim and we vented all our irritation on her. She was very very nice about it, and we arranged to go grocery shopping with her today! But now that the "being with people" mode has been off for a while, the thought makes us a little nervous, so we're just a little more tired.

In other "being extra social" news, I don't know if it was the Kingdom Hearts shirt or the fact that FHE was a barbecue or what, but we talked to more people than usual last night, and two of them brought up the Naruto movie that will be playing one night at a local theater. We saw the commercial/trailer type thing for it when we saw Pirates (they showed it twice, even), so we knew about it, but since we haven't seen that much Naruto, we weren't planning to go see it. Plus, it'll be dubbed. The one guy who talked about it with us said he wasn't sure he wanted to go, because he's already seen it, so we discussed briefly the advantages of seeing it in theaters vs. fansubbed. The general consensus was that it would be a fun thing to go see with a group of friends, so we might actually go see it (he said he'd call us later). Later we realized that this would be an excellent opportunity to meet even more anime fans in the area. The only sad thing about it is that we wouldn't have any appropriate costumes to wear, but since we haven't really taken the time for Naruto, it doesn't seem right for us to wear the costumes. It would be like an insult to the true fans, I think.

So anyway... l33t-raws hasn't posted any new anime for like three or four days now. This is a bit of a concern. I hope they aren't having any problems or anything. In the meantime, I guess we'll entertain ourselves with DVDs or video games. It's just weird not to be downloading anything.

Today I'm thankful for the ward choir director showing up when we needed to vent and not being scared off by it, having plans to go grocery shopping today, being done going over that translation, potential plans to go to what's bound to be a gathering of anime fans, and hydrogen.