May 28th, 2007


Happy Memorial Day!

Three day weekends are so weird. Celeste tends to wander around, turning the TV on and off depending on her mood, and it's rather difficult to figure out what all's going to happen. She doesn't like being tied down to schedules, so asking her doesn't seem like it would help.

But anyway, last night we finally watched our Treasure Planet DVD. We had only seen it once, the weekend it came out, so we'd forgotten almost everything about it. Before we watched it, Athena was like, "I only remember one line from this movie, and it's, '...six?'" Which, to her self-disappointment, turned out not to be a question. Jim Hawkins is very cute. I seem to remember saying somewhere that I thought they "adapted" his outfit from the Jim Hawkins in Outlaw Star, but now it's been so long since I've seen Outlaw Star that I couldn't say. I wouldn't say it's the best Disney movie of all time, but it's still fun and we liked it. And the animation is pretty amazing. We're sad we didn't get a picture of Jim the one time we saw him at Disneyland. We'll probably never see him there again.

We also played more Kingdom Hearts, which was only a little sad in that we didn't get to play as long as we wanted, because we watched Treasure Planet. It's all about opportunity costs.

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It's interesting seeing what Japanese speech patterns all the Disney characters have. It's pretty neat to see the contrast of how they change it in English to keep everybody in character and make the characters more interesting, so it's kind of a good learning experience as translators/English adaptation writers of manga to see that sometimes maybe it would be okay to add something to give the characters more... character. It kind of freaks me out, though, because I think back on the "English adaptations" we've done, and I'm like, "Oh nooooooo!!! We suck!" It was especially bad watching Treasure Planet, actually, because we recently adapted a pirate character, so it's like, "Oh no! I don't think we used any of this awesome pirate vocabulary!" But he's kind of a wannabe pirate, so I guess it's okay. And I don't think I thought that while watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Though I do wonder if there was some place we could have used "belay."

Today I'm thankful for getting some tidying up done, getting to reread our Captain Animate entries, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Treasure Planet, and translation helpy things.