May 26th, 2007


These be the last friendly words ye'll hear...

AX's guest of honor list is shaping up to be really incredible. They just announced what they're calling the "J-Rock Concert of the Century," where some ultra-famous (I assume) J-Rock guys, including Gackt, will be performing. We're starting to worry that with all these really awesome guests they already have, they won't get really awesome guests that have actually worked on stuff that we've seen. But I don't think they're done announcing guests yet, so maybe this is where liking some obscure stuff could come in handy.

Today Miyano-kun had an entry on his blog reminding us that he sings the end theme to Koutetsu Sangokushi, and since that means he plays a, if not the, main character, we went and downloaded the first episode fansubbed (l33t-raws doesn't carry it). It was a lot like Saiyuki in that it was kind of gay and based on one of the four really famous Chinese legends (Saiyuki, Sangokushi, Suikoden, and Houshin Engi (of course, those are the Japanese names; we don't know the Chinese ones)). And it's directed by Tetsuya Endou, who also did Saiyuki Reload and Gunlock. A lot of it seemed pretty cheesy, and all the characters' eyes are done so that they look so psycho they could kill you, just for the fun of it, at any second. But it's got a lot of seiyuu we're familiar with, and Miyano-kun♥, so we'll probably give it another episode or two.

And! we got to see Pirates last night!!

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So yes. Good movie. As we were leaving, we passed by two girls in the attitude of trying to decide which movie they were going to watch this Friday night, and one of them said, "We could watch Pirates again, but it was long." I was mostly amused, but it is a marvel to me that people have so much money to just go to the movies all the time.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Pirates, Celeste not seeming like she wanted to kill us for seeing it without her, peanut butter sandwiches, having an afternoon to play video games, and temperature regulation.