May 23rd, 2007


Little by little

Things seem to be falling into place now. At least sort of, anyway. We had made arrangements with Mom to go fabric shopping yesterday. As I think I mentioned before, our strategy was to see if there was anything that jumped out at us as something we could use for cosplay, and decide whom to cosplay based on that. Apparently Hancock Fabrics is not the best place for that, but we did see a bunch of fabrics that might work for Juliet's top. But we couldn't remember for sure, nor could we remember what other colors she wears, so we didn't buy any of it. Still, that coupled with finding a great pattern for a Red Wind hat has us kind of excited about that cosplay idea.

What we did buy was a pattern to make suits with (because even if we don't end up making suits for this AX, there's a strong possibility we'll be making suits for future conventions) and a pattern for stuffed animals (because we've always had a vague plan to cosplay Yamino and Hel from Matantei Loki Ragnarok, and then we'd need a Fenrir to carry around). And maple coated peanuts. Oh yes.

After Hancock Fabrics, we convinced Mom we should stop at Baskin Robbins, because we wanted to try the new sundaes. But more importantly, it was a good opportunity to talk. Our mission: to find out exactly when Steve's 4th of July family reunion would be held, and, if the timing was right, whether or not Mom might want to take care of things in her LA office before the trip, thus giving us a convenient excuse to tag along and have a ride one way to or from AX. As it so happens, Mom has to be at an audit in LA on June 28th. Perfect timing! But we're not sure if Mom will be willing to drive us all the way to Long Beach, so we might only have a ride as far as LA. Either way, it's a big help. Now we just have to figure out how we're getting back. And potentially how to get from LA to Long Beach (we'll have to talk things over with Mom again).

Meanwhile, AX is going to make some announcement involving The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya on Friday. This will make two anime titles that AX is featuring this year that we haven't seen, but are licensed and not out yet, so we can't watch them. I don't know what the deal is with Death Note, because supposedly Viz was going to have episodes available online, so we went to their site and gave them our e-mail address so they'd send us more information and they haven't yet (boo). As for Suzumiya... we could probably get a hold of the raws easily enough, but the first DVD comes out on Tuesday. We're really not sure what we want to do about that, because obviously we don't want to buy it if we haven't seen it, but we're hesitant to get Netflix again for complicated reasons. This will take some thought.

Oh! And we have a new favorite character in Atelier Marie & Elie! His name is Strafe (at least that's how we're spelling it), and every frame he's in makes me think, "He's just so cute!"

Today I'm thankful for maple coated peanuts, Baskin Robbins sundaes, having potential transportation, Strafe, and interesting cosplay ideas.