May 20th, 2007



Today we get to stay home and relax for once! Yay! I'm not quite sure exactly what we'll be doing with all the spare time, but I know there will be manga. There might be Kingdom Hearts, too, but it depends on how many movies we decide to watch. Today might be a good day for Muppet Treasure Island.

Also, we finally took the effort of downloading the pictures from our camera onto our computer (as if it's that hard to hook it up and click "download"), so I think we'll post a picture of each of our kitties! We thought about posting more, but I think we might have to go through these and fix redeye and stuff. Our photography skills leave much to be desired.

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So there you have it. The one other thing we wanted to mention is that our carpet is designed to be flecked, so it's not like there's a million crumbs all over the floor.

Today I'm thankful for getting to stay home and relax today, cute kitty pictures, cute kitties to take pictures of, the calming effects of Relief Society lessons, and post-it notes.