May 7th, 2007


Shoulda stayed home and watched Princess Tutu

Yesterday we went to Mom's again, supposedly to "continue our birthday celebration." Mom had told me the previous week that when we went over there yesterday, we could watch any DVD we wanted. And since Steve's kids were going to be there and we knew they enjoyed Final Fantasy IX, we were planning on bring that to play, so we were a little excited.

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It was actually not too terrible a night except that Mom was cranky, and Steve was a complete jerk when it came to the cat. And somehow, even though we got to do everything we wanted to do, it still sucked. We need to make plans to be far away on our next birthday. Next week is Mother's Day. Our current plan is to make some peanut butter squares and have Celeste take them over there without us.

Right now, I'm just sad that if we'd had a USB cable for our scanner, we'd have a really good icon to use for this post by now. Alas.

Oh! And on a completely different note, for the curious, Celeste was watching Hannah Montana on Saturday, and there was a character from Minnesota with an accent, so we decided to use a more Minnesota/Wisconsin type accent for the one guy. We actually mostly relied on the Dairy King's ghost from Danny Phantom for inspiration, so I have no idea if it's authentic, but that's not really the point, we guess.

Today I'm thankful having finished translation notes, lovely kitties, not having to deal with Steve all the time, ice cream, and being home right now.