May 6th, 2007


Look out! Here comes the Spider-man~~!

Last night, we went to see Spider-man 3! It was awesome, as expected. We actually weren't expecting to go, but then Celeste's not-boyfriend lackey (in his defense, I only call him that because she insists that she does not want to go out with him, but when she's feeling lonely and has no one else to go to, or she needs someone to help her with something, she goes to him, and he's a very good friend so he kind of comes across as a lackey) wanted to hang out, I guess? and invited us all to go see Spider-man. He found out last Sunday that our birthday was on Monday, so on Monday he called and told us that our present was going to be late because he didn't know until the day before that it was our birthday. When I told him he didn't have to get us a present (though we would appreciate it if he did), he said he'd already bought it (he was on his way to work and couldn't get it to us). Apparently that was a lie, but as a result he paid for us to see Spider-man, so it all worked out in the end.

On the way there, he was explaining why the car was so cluttered (it really wasn't), and we said it was nothing compared to Celeste's car. And Celeste said she doesn't care what we think of her car because she's our only ride places. We didn't feel the need to correct her, but that is certainly not true. But it made me think about all the times we've needed, or even just wanted, rides places and how we somehow always managed to get them when it was important, and it was a nice reminder that the Lord is looking out for us, and has people in place to help when needed.

As for Spider-man, like I said, it was totally awesome. The big climax scene reminded us of part of Kingdom Hearts II. I was amused that, even though our parents watched Wings almost every week when it was on, we didn't recognize Sandman until he started talking. And we're like, "Oh! Killer Moth!" And then they showed his daughter and we thought of Kitten, and that was kind of wrong. When I saw the name Flint Marko, I couldn't stop confusing it with Marcus Flint.

Both of us agree that we liked Spider-man 2 better, but that might be because of the timing of when we first saw Spider-man 2. We had just been through a really rough time ourselves, and felt like everything was going wrong and we didn't really have anyone to turn to, much like Peter. But it's really really close between the two movies. Somehow Harry was much better looking in 3. I'm not entirely sure why that is.

Changing the subject, I got to play the piano in sacrament meeting today. It was really unexpected, and when the chorister came to us and asked for me (a lot of people have to do that because they haven't learned to tell us apart, but she was looking more at me than Athena) I was afraid she was going to ask me to say a prayer. But as it turned out, the organist had gone missing and they needed somebody to accompany the hymns. It's kind of weird, because most people would be more willing to pray than play music, but when she asked if I would play, my inside reaction was, "Can I?"

Part of that comes from my whole thing about the hymns being played too slowly, and another part of it is that the organist who went missing is someone who has been kind of played up as being this awesome music guy (and yet he can't (or won't?) play the hymns at a decent speed). So I admit I felt a little vindicated. We saw him in church later, so it's not like he was in an accident and nearly died or anything.

Playing the piano for sacrament meeting reminded me that in the past I've gotten the feeling that the piano is the key to a great story that will unfold. I'm really not sure where I got that impression, because I'm far from a master pianist, but I do remember thinking about that while walking home from church at BYU one Sunday. Then I ended up playing the piano again in Relief Society, so it seemed to reinforce the idea. But thinking about the guy who plays the piano in Princess Tutu, I'm a little concerned that it might be like all the characters who are like, "No! I'm supposed to be the main character! Why is he the chosen one!" That does seem to be what happened with Dad, after all.

At any rate, music is awesome, so we need more instruments.

Changing the subject again, the Host Club game is pretty awesome. It's kind of interesting in that you do seem to be trying for an ending with your favorite character, but, since you're playing as Haruhi, it's very different than HaruToki (which is the only other love sim we have experience with). Like you choose to go do stuff with Tamaki, but Haruhi is still really mean to him. Poor Tamaki. We're choosing him for everything, so he ends up in shock a lot.

We keep loving how the Hitachiin Brothers speak in unison. We thought maybe we should try to do that more, and then we'd be more popular. But thinking about it further, girls seem to think talking in unison is adorable, while guys seem to think it's creepy. Or at least, that's what it seems like from reactions we've gotten in the past when we used to do it more often. I wonder if that's why it doesn't happen so much anymore. Maybe it's just that we don't talk as much in general these days.

Another great thing about the Hitachiin Brothers in the game (I think it may be less noticeable in the anime because they're constantly moving) is that on all of their matching expressions, they look almost exactly the same (of course), only Hikaru looks just a tiny bit meaner.

Also, the game has found lots of excuses to replay a bunch of favorite scenes from the anime! It's extremely awesome.

And now I've rambled enough for today. Today I'm thankful for getting to see Spider-man 3, getting to play the piano in church today, people who don't mock movies during climactic scenes in the theaters, the ability to choose, and late birthday presents.