May 2nd, 2007


The Adventure of Oreo

Dear Roommate,

We understand that you have a lot of problems going on right now, and that it takes a lot of work and concentration to deal with them. But we'd like to remind you that it only takes a little tiny bit of effort to consider those around you, and if you don't, you're likely to add gigantic problems to the big ones you already have, because if you really had lost our cat, you can be pretty sure you would be adding "find a new place to live" to your list of problems to deal with.

- the Twins

We're not mad at Celeste, because what happened last night was an honest mistake, and Oreo is here, safe and sound. But I really wish people would stop focusing on themselves and take a second to at least look around once in a while.

Last night, Celeste went out running. We were in our room doing computer stuff, and I heard the door (it's very loud when being opened and closed). I figured she had left, so I was a bit alarmed when I heard the door again a few moments later, because if the door is unlocked, it can be blown open by the wind. So I rushed out to see if anything was wrong, but the door was closed, so I thought everything was fine. Probably a smart person would have locked the door at that point, but I didn't think it was windy enough for it to open, and we were going to be out there playing video games soon anyway. It's a very good thing I didn't, too, because later the wind did blow the door open, and in comes Oreo, looking a bit alarmed.

We figure he dashed out the door while Celeste had it open--she was probably putting her running shoes on? When we asked her about it later, she assured us she only had the door open for a second, but man, couldn't she at least have looked around when she got outside? From the times we've taken Oreo out, we know he wouldn't have gone far, and the outside of the apartment is well-lit enough that even if she didn't have the living room light on as she left, if he'd been on the veranda and she had been paying any sort of attention, she should have spotted him. Oreo is very large and difficult to miss. So while we're not really mad, we are still marveling at how something like that could have happened, and wishing people would pay more attention to their surroundings and the people/animals in them. I mean, Oreo doesnt dash out the door every day, so it's not reasonable to expect her to think, "Oh, I hope the cats didn't run outside," but if he'd been on the veranda, she really should have seen him. And he's too timid to have gone down the stairs.

But really, we're just glad he made it back inside.

On a completely different note, we're having dialect problems again. And this time it's worse because we're supposed to be the English adaptation writers, too. This guy's from a place with lots of snow, and his dialect is definitely not from Kansai, so we were thinking, for something new, of giving him a Canadian dialect. But we're always worried that we'll get it wrong. According to Bobby's World (remember that cartoon from years ago?), you can speak Canadian if you can say "eh" and "ya hoser." But is that really all we need to know? And as for "eh," does it require a question mark, or does that depend on the context? We thought about checking Brother Bear for how the moose talk, but we're like, "We don't have time to watch Brother Bear!"

Then again, he's kind of not the nicest or smartest character, so I start to worry if any Canadians would be offended. Maybe I worry too much.

Today I'm thankful for Oreo and Mimsy both being alive and well and not missing, pirates as characters (real life pirates, we're not so sure about), Spider-man Pringles, Canadian dialects, and miraculous kitty homecomings.