May 1st, 2007



To be honest, we were actually a little glum yesterday. It's awesome watching our favorite anime, but sometimes when there's no one to share it with, it starts to get depressing. Usually only when we think too hard about it, but yesterday happened to be one of those days, and not in the indignant, "We can get on just fine by ourselves!" sort of way that's a lot easier to deal with.

My visiting teacher came over an hour before FHE, so we were hoping we'd get some time to talk with her, since she's great to talk to, but she only stayed long enough to drop off a pizza. That in itself was completely awesome, because it was our favorite--cheese pizza with stuffed crust from Pizza Hut (I don't think they're doing cheesy bites right now... or are they?), and it was sooooo good.

Then we went to FHE, where they sang happy birthday to us and everybody else with a birthday this week, and gave us cupcakes. Apparently they chose a very good week to start giving cupcakes to people with birthdays. If only we hadn't been so full on pizza... But after everything, my visiting teacher rushed us to the kitchen so we could get the cake she and her friend made for us! She's so nice to us, it kind of makes me feel awkward, because I'm not sure how to respond. But it looks like a really good cake, with homemade chocolate icing. (We haven't tried it yet, because we couldn't handle any more cake, and today we just haven't gotten to it yet.)

But the best part came when we were taking the cake out to Celeste's car. I told Athena I'd had Waltz of the Flowers stuck in my head for the last half hour or so (FHE was a discussion with all the service couples (or whatever they call them) in our ward, which was fun but a little rambly, so my mind wandered to Princess Tutu, of course). I noticed that my visiting teacher was behind us on the way to her car, so I turned around and said we'd been watching a series based on ballet, and she said, "Really? I'll have to come over and watch it some time."

This was a little bit unbelievable. I'm still worried that she doesn't know that we were talking about anime or something, and that she'll decide she doesn't want to watch it after all, even though she called around lunch time to make a visiting teaching appointment and then she brought it up herself (I thought about bringing it up, but I was too scared). And I know Athena mentioned the animation, and I know I said we'd like to show her the subtitled version if that was okay. So now we're excited but nervous. It's been a long time since we've been able to watch anime even with our "anime buddy," so the whole concept has gotten a bit foreign. Though we did show Celeste the first two episodes of Host Club a couple of weeks ago. She said it was weird and hasn't expressed any desire to see anymore. Her loss.

Speaking of Princess Tutu, since it's making us so obsessed with Junichi Sato works and Takahiro Sakurai (the voice of Fakir), we're having a difficult time resisting buying Kaleido Star New Wings at ADV's Golden Week sale. I think I would head over to the website right now, except that when you buy directly from ADV during sales they mutilate the packaging so the bar code is messed up, probably so you won't turn around and sell a bunch of stuff for profit. But is it worth paying double (or triple, in some cases) for pristine packaging? This is the eternal question. Okay, so not eternal, but I had to be dramatic.

Today I'm thankful for birthday pizza, birthday cake, the idea of getting to share Princess Tutu with someone, Sakurai-san singing image songs, and Athena's visiting teacher offering to take us out for ice cream.