April 21st, 2007


Yer mom's on probation

Today Mom took us to her place to see her new cat. She had been wanting to get a kitten, but every place she went said they'd have kittens at this time, and then when she went at that time, they didn't have kittens. So she got tired of waiting and got a cat that was a year and a half old, and had been taken in a year ago by a girl in a family with a lot of pets, but she (the cat) didn't get along with the other animals, so they had to give her up. And now Mom has her.

The problem is (and this is a common problem with most new cats, we'd imagine) she isn't always so friendly with people. She actually likes people a lot, but she's kind of guarded sometimes, and we've been told she would randomly hiss at people. While we were there, she would start biting, but it seemed more playful than anything else. But because of all this, Steve has decided her name is "probation" (I refuse to capitalize it, because I refuse to acknowledge that as the cat's name). Not only does it cruelly suggest that the cat will have to go back up for adoption eventually, but it just sounds ugly. Cats need pretty or cute names. Or at least not hideous, cruel ones.

Thus began our campaign to rename the cat. Mom actually seems to want a better name for her, because while Steve is like, "Her name's probation," Mom still says she doesn't have one. But we came up with some awesome ideas. Like she looks kind of like a miniature bobcat, so she could be Lynx. Or, since she's got kind of orange smoky fur and the bottoms of her feet (only the bottom; it's actually pretty cool) are black like she's been walking on fire, something like Pele would be awesome. Or they could name her Minerva after Professor McGonagall (or after the Roman goddess of wisdom--either way, it's a good cat name), and call her Minnie, which would be delightfully ironic. Mom seemed to like a bunch of our ideas, but she didn't seem to commit to any of them. We're a little concerned, because Steve is around Mom a lot more than we are, and Mom has this weird thing where anything Steve wants goes.

And so we have further plans. Our first idea was to kidnap the cat, should they ever decide once and for all her name is probation, and keep her with us until they agree to call her something nicer. She doesn't get along with other animals, though, and technically our lease only allows for two cats in our apartment, so it might not work.

Our second idea is to say that if Steve insists the cat's name is probation, we'll insist that his name is Jerkface. That one seems a little mean. Maybe we'll just say that we wouldn't want our kids around somebody who would name a poor defenseless creature "probation." That might be hitting a little below the belt, since this is Steve. It seems kind of weird that it would be, though, because the idea of either of us having kids anytime, like, at all, seems rather far-fetched.

On a different, but related note, we want to get a cat tree. We went to Petsmart, and they had a good one with a nice solid base, so even if Oreo couldn't get to the top of it, he could still enjoy the bottom of it. And Mimsy would probably love sitting on top and being above everything. But it's expensive, and we don't know if Oreo and Mimsy would like it. Fortunately, as Mom was buying her stuff, the clerk told us that if our pets don't like anything for any reason, we can just bring it back. So we might just do that. We'll have to see how rich we're feeling.

Today I'm thankful for cute cat names, return policies, finding good pictures for our fun icon ideas (now we just need to install our scanner again), cupcakes, and honeybees.