April 13th, 2007


Indescribable terror

We were originally planning to have a Gunparade March marathon today, but as it turns out, we're currently too freaked out to focus our attention on one thing for five to six hours.

See, in the midst of our troubles over getting a hotel room for AX that's close enough to the convention center and all the stuff that we don't have to be able to drive, they make a new post at the AX homepage. They're looking for volunteers and they have a new benefits program, including hotel accommodations. But to get accommodations for the whole convention, you have to work for at least 22 hours. We tried working during AX once, when we were interning at TokyoPop, and that was bad. AX is like our one time to go out and be anime fans (there's more to it than that, but it's hard to explain), and having to work during it is kind of a bummer.

But! they're also looking for staff volunteers. This is the ultra-hardcore package, and requires 32 hours of work, at con. They say it's year round, so there's probably more than just the at-con work, we'd imagine. On the one hand, the idea of being AX staff is totally totally awesome. But on the other hand, we hate to commit that much time. We are such lazy slackers.

Still, AX has been a source of much joy and happiness these past seven years, and it makes sense to give back, you know? And as a staff volunteer, you can volunteer to work in the guest relations department. This is the main reason we haven't just blown the idea off yet (well, that and we still really need a hotel room). Because even if we have to work at the convention, if "work" means hanging out with the Guests of Honor, that's what we went to the con for in the first place. But we think the only way to guarantee a chance to make friends with GoHs is to be interpreters. We're pretty confident in our abilities to turn Japanese into English, but not so much the other way around. And so the idea is at the same time something that would be one of the awesomest of awesome things, but also one of the most terrifying of terrifying things. I mean, even when we go to the Meet the Guests Reception, if we have a question, we'll usually ask it in English. We could say that it's out of courtesy for everyone there, since we'd have to interpret the question back into English anyway, but the honest reason is that I'm afraid my pronunciation or choice of vocabulary will be so wrong that they won't understand me.

But it's also true that every year we go to AX, we think, "Maybe this year we'll meet this guest, and they'll think we're totally awesome and we'll get to go to Disneyland with them!" We have delusions of grandeur. And of course the best way to make that seem plausible would be to volunteer to work in guest relations. Then again, lately we've been having a very difficult time having confidence in our likability, as well. And I'm not sure if I'm trying to talk us into volunteering or out of it.


Giving up eight con hours a day is also a major drawback. Unless it's to hang out with the guests, which we're not sure we'd be able to do anyway. It's all very nerve-wracking, and has a lot to do with why we've been so exceedingly nonproductive today. Fortunately, I think we still have time to think about it.

Today I'm thankful for the Jack-in-the-Box dipping commercials ("I'm seeing Jessica!"), it not being nearly as windy today as it was yesterday, dictionary.com, shiny new anime, and distractions.
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