April 1st, 2007


Family dinners

I really think I'd rather not do this "family dinner Sunday" thing, because we end up sitting around being bored while everyone does their own thing about half the time. And sometimes, they really feel more like bored games. (Ha ha, I made a pun.)

Anyway, today was Scott's birthday. Because we're vindictive and the scorekeeping thing was going on and Steve seems to be a little afraid of manga, we thought it might be fun to get Scott some Eyeshield21 manga for a present. Okay, so there was the idea that he might actually like it, too. Eyeshield21 is totally awesome, after all, and since it's about football, we thought it could be a good gateway series for a kid who likes sports. We thought we'd just spring it on them, but then, since we don't translate it, we weren't sure on the content (we've only seen the anime, and there's no telling what the language will end up like, whether we've read the manga ourselves or not (unless we've read it in English, but that doesn't make sense)), so we ran the idea by Mom first. We should have known she'd tell Steve.

Before we were able to purchase the manga, he let us know Mom told him and he thought it was a great idea. And we were like, "Darn it! Don't you understand? We're corrupting your children! CORRUPTING THEM!!"

The fact that that was our reaction amused us, so we told Sarah and Celeste about it, and they were both like, "Um, it's not good to corrupt people," so now I have to add the disclaimer that we don't actually think we're corrupting Scott--we just thought it might be amusing if Steve thought we were. That in itself is pretty bad, though, but we did go ahead with the plan anyway. Now that I think of it, I wonder what it says about Sarah and Celeste's opinions of manga that they thought we were serious about corrupting people. Athena thinks it was more the reaction to our choice of the word "corrupting."

As expected, his reaction was along the lines of, "What? ...Okay." But he was reading it as we left, so hopefully he'll like it. The rest of the night was rather blah. We played some board games. I think they would have been better if it felt like everybody was with the group playing, but some people insisted on multi-tasking and it felt like we weren't as "together" as we were supposed to be. It's only especially irritating because one of the people complaining about people doing other things at the same time decided we were taking too long to set up Harry Potter Scene It so started working on a puzzle, which she then refused to stop working on once the game started.

I just hope Scott was having more fun than we were.

Today I'm thankful for more awesome conference talks, Kimee trying to get people to play FF9 (sadly, it didn't work, but looking back it wouldn't have been any fun if people were going to be as bored doing that as we were doing everything else), coming home to kitties, the healing powers of Host Club, and still having a little time for Atelier Elie.