March 28th, 2007


Happy birthday! and stuff

We knew they'd start announcing guests for AX after we finally registered. Our registration's not final though (for industry, you have to wait for approval), so it's good that they've only announced one, and she's American. For anyone interested who doesn't already know, it's the woman who plays Kurenai and directs all the Naruto dub stuff for Viz.

Yesterday we decided to play HaruToki instead of Twilight Princess, because we thought we might have time for both, and we didn't know when the furniture bandits would show up, so we figured HaruToki would be easier to stop in the middle. Little did we know that some conversations are like twenty minutes long. If only they'd called first.

Anyway, speaking of HaruToki, we were explaining to Celeste what kind of stuff goes on in a love sim on the way to church the other day, and she said, "You need to get one of those in English." And we're like, "We... can't." And then yesterday, my visiting teacher came over, and since we'd been playing HaruToki, we ended up talking about it. We explained to her what a love sim is like, and she said, "They need to make some of those here. Maybe then more girls would play video games." So now we're wondering if we should go pitch the idea to some of the companies that translate games and offer to translate for them. The problem they'd have, though, is how would girls find out these games exist? Marketing might be a little tough.

As for our thoughts on HaruToki2, currently the favorite is Akifumi. He's just too cute. Athena's comment goes like this: He says everything I want him to say. I've been waiting for someone to come and say the things he says. But... he's not voiced by Akira Ishida.

Which just goes to show that voice actor loyalties aren't everything. Yasutsugu is pretty cool, too, though. I kind of feel bad for agreeing with him that Yasuaki was so much better as an onmyouji, but he kind of really was. But Yasutsugu just needs to work on it. I wish his name wasn't so hard to pronounce.

And the other thing I wanted to say was the very important thing I wanted to say about Reideen the other day, but forgot. If in a magical girl series the main character transforms into a magical girl to save the day, and in this series the guy transforms into a giant robot to save the day, does that make this series magical mecha?

Today I'm thankful for having an awesome visiting teacher, finishing early again today, funny words, teleprompters, and commas.

Oh, and I know you're not reading this, but happy birthday, Aurora!!