March 27th, 2007


The game is afoot! ...or something.

We haven't talked to Mom and Steve yet about our refusal to keep score for them anymore, so we feel unresolved and therefore keep talking about it at length. And so we started wondering what it would be like if we said, "Okay, since you want us to keep score because you derive pleasure from our making sacrifices for what you call 'family,' let's see if you're willing to do the same. For each game you want us to keep score at, you have to read one volume of Fruits Basket. If you have not read the volume before the game, we don't keep score. If you don't have time, we don't have time."

On the one hand, it seems like a very interesting idea, because we can see where he'll try everything he can think of to get out of it (he seems to have an irrational fear of Japanese stuff sometimes--ironic for someone who went on his mission there). And the more he tries to argue his way out of it, the more he argues for our not keeping score. It would be beautiful.

But on the other hand, if he actually says he'll do it, and then actually does it, we still have to keep score, and Fruits Basket will have been defiled by his having read it. We can be terrible, terrible people sometimes. I mean, if he does read it and like it, that's one more person to discuss manga with. But he's gotten so far on our bad side that we don't want him to ever be on our good side. That feeling comes and goes, but the way he's been acting about the score-keeping thing, it's definitely here.

But now that I type it out and read it, my reasoning for not attempting this plan seems quite evil. It was our original plan when they first asked about score-keeping to begin with. And who knows, maybe reading Fruits Basket will teach him a thing or two about not being a jerk. I guess we'll see what happens if they finally come to pick up their furniture today. If we do go with it, and he plays along, we'll need some good questions to ask to make sure he read it.

In other news, we're kind of amused that Rightstuf shipped our order, but one of the DVDs was placed on backorder. So even though we've finally been sent the amount of packages we ordered, we'll still be waiting for a package. It never ends!

Today I'm thankful for getting done with work early today, getting more caught up on anime, being inside where the wind isn't as scary, e-mails from Japan, and it being snack time! Whee!