March 26th, 2007



So we check our e-mail and yay! there's a shipping confirmation from Anime Gamers, where we ordered our missing volumes of Princess Tutu from (we missed the ADV sale, alas, but it also gave us a chance to order more Host Club and Genbu Kaiden manga). So we immediately go to the USPS website to track our package, and there's R2-D2 wandering all over the place! And a banner that says something about USPS Jedi Masters? This is most unusual. But they won't tell us what's going on until Wednesday! So we signed up to be reminded, and now we wait.

Wow, Wednesday's Aurora's birthday. That's kind of trippy.

Anyway, we've been watching Reideen lately, and I just have to say that I hope they make that guy a special suit so that he doesn't end up naked every time he pilots that thing. We feel so bad for him, and we hope he doesn't pay too much for clothes. He doesn't seem too fazed by it, though, so I was wondering if maybe one reason he was chosen is that he doesn't have a problem being nude, and then Athena suggested maybe he doesn't have a problem being nude because he's the chosen one. And that reminded me of the song from Rodger's & Hammerstein's Cinderella about "Do I love you because you're beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?" which, coincidentally, we ended up watching at Mom's yesterday (the musical and the song, since the song is in the musical). Weird.

I want like a mecha pride icon or something.

Today I'm thankful for new shipping confirmations (we still have one left because we were suckered in by Rightstuf's Geneon sale (we needed to fill our Saiyuki Reload box--we're now convinced that Rightstuf's next sale will be Bandai, because that will be the only company left from which we have an unfilled box)), Jedi Masters, new manga serieses being translated quickly, non-gratuitous fan service, and remembering why it is that I was thinking about that song the other day.