March 24th, 2007


The agony!!!

Just kidding. I just want to complain is all. We went out to run some errands today, but during the while thing, our main excitement was getting home and checking the mail, in case we got our package from Play Asia. After we got all the stuff we needed, we were driving to Panda Express because Celeste had a craving and, since Mom's house is on the way, she suggested we stop by. This was a little worrisome, because we could end up being there for any number of hours, and it's not always very interesting. Plus, we had left our DSes at home. Still, sometimes it's nice to hang out with Mom and Sarah, so we went along with it.

When Celeste called Mom to see if it was okay for us to stop by, the suggestion was to work on a puzzle, and no one seemed very excited, so Celeste abandoned the idea. Whew.

Too bad when we got home, there was nothing from Play Asia. Sucks to be us.

Just kidding! We finally got our package today! But Celeste beat us to the TV! Augh! Angst!!!

But that's okay, because now we have a chance to update LiveJournal. And we might catch up on more anime (we were so close! and then we downloaded five more episodes. we really need to cut back). Or we'll just take the TV back from Celeste. We haven't decided yet.

It's also okay because we have more Girl Scout cookies! Yay! Mom didn't get us any Do-Si-Does (I don't know the proper spelling; here, for some retarded reason, they're called "Peanut Butter Sandwiches"), so we had to get a box, and we got a box of Thanks-a-lots, which I guess are new? because we haven't seen them before. they didn't seem to be selling Trefoils, though, which is really strange because I thought they were like the Girl Scout Signature Cookie. Except for, you know, Thin Mints. But anyway, the Thanks-a-lots each have "thank you" written on them in a different language! It's neat!

And the quote for the day is...


Today I'm thankful for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Girl Scout Cookies, getting our shiny new video game, free stuff, and getting to try those new Reese's candy bar thingies that have been out for a while but we haven't been able to try yet.