March 20th, 2007



We want more icons. We should get a paid account so we'd be able to use more icons. But then we'll just have all this space for icons that we don't have. We're too lazy. Actually, it's more that we hate looking for pictures to use. Blaaaaaaah. is how I feel about looking for pictures. We're also too shy to ask people to make icons for us, especially because we don't ever have anything in mind. We should get something in mind, is what we should get. (We really should, too; our minds are totally empty.) +ANIMA icons would be shiny.

Aaaaaaanyway. We may or may not be going to a barbecue today. Yay socialization! Boo having less time for video games! But at least we still don't have HaruToki2 yet, so we're not quite as rushed as we could be. And, even though we only got five pages done translating in our first 40 minutes of working (pathetic!!), things did pick up, so we're not feeling as snail-like. It was really weird, too, with those first five pages, because it didn't feel like they were going slow at all, and yet the clock (and our CD) tells us they were. It was like somebody hit the slow motion button or something. We were wondering if we needed to take more time off, but we're glad things picked up, because we feel like we've been slacking enough already.

Today I'm thankful for Friskies not being on the petfood recall list (unless it's there under another name? Our cats are still eating and don't seem sick...), the rainy weather we've had today (hopefully it will continue all through tomorrow, or better yet--get rainier!), time to play shiny new DS games during Danny Phantom reruns, translation not being sluggish all day, and getting to read the thread on how to prevent manga theft at the AX forums.