March 13th, 2007


The dangers of translating manga

Today was a thought-provoking day, in which we contemplated just how cruel it is to chop both someone's arms off.

On a more cheerful note, yesterday we had just gotten settled into playing Twilight Princess, and were right at a scene that couldn't be paused, when the phone rang. It was the guy in charge of FHE, asking if we would give the spiritual thought. Much as we hated (and I mean really hated) giving up time playing Twilight Princess, I agreed to do it anyway. Neither of us has the courage speaking in front of people that we were comfortable actually giving the thought, though, so we prepared one, and then, instead of yelling at the guy who asked us to do it for ruining our afternoon (not that it was completely ruined of course, but when you're stressed and in a bad mood...), we asked him if he would present the thought instead, and he happily agreed, so it all worked out. And then we went on a leprechaun hunt and had great fun.

We also talked to a girl we've seen around and knew was into Japanese stuff but hadn't really talked to before. As it turns out, her favorite serieses are Fushigi Yuugi and Sailor Moon, and she seems interested in following voice actors! We need to try to talk to her more often. In our insecurities, we always worry that no matter how much we'd probably get along with someone, they're just not interested. But we can still try! *whimper*

Today I'm thankful for having both my arms attached to my body, finishing work early today, having a store of candy that we got from the leprechaun yesterday (mine's gone now, but it was nice while it lasted), shipping confirmation for HaruToki2, and having seen Balthier on 24 last night.