March 9th, 2007


Random stuff + Disneyland

It's always such a relief to go from translating a series that takes forever to translating one that takes less than forever. I feel like we can finally breathe again. Also, somehow the translations came so smoothly today. Maybe it's because we had the Elemental Gelade soundtrack to help get our brains in the right setting. Or something.

On a completely random note, I keep remembering this one story that's kind of random, and wanting to share, and then forgetting. But now, I am remembering. It's the story of how we learned to wash our hands.

When we were in kindergarten, a nurse came to our class to explain how to wash your hands, and why it's important. She did the thing where everyone in the class touches the stuff in the petri dish, and later they show you all the germs that grew from everybody's hands. But what left a deeper impression was the story she told to illustrate why you should always wash your hands.

There were two little bears, and they were playing together in the sandbox. They were very excited, because the next day their class at school was going on a field trip to Disneyland. When they were called in to have dinner, one bear washed his hands, but the other bear didn't. And the bear that didn't wash his hands got sick and couldn't go to Disneyland, and was very sad.

Thus we learned how important it is to keep your hands clean.

Changing the subject again, we've decided it's time to screw up our courage and write fan mail to Kazuya Minekura. The main thing that triggered this is that she says next time she's asked to write a Saiyuki drama for a CD, she wants to write about Sanzo and company at an amusement park. And so we want to send her our Goku & Hakkai at Disneyland cosplay pictures. (Mostly just the Dumbo one.) The main reason I bring this up is that we were wondering if chibidrunksanzo has any pictures of Sanzo at Disneyland that she would like to share. We never did get Gojyo at Disneyland.

There was a time when we tried thinking up the top ten things that each member of Sanzo Ikkou would do at Disneyland, and we came up with some pretty funny ones (at least, they were funny to us). Like how one of the things Sanzo did was really wish the gate security hadn't taken his gun away, because Goku just wouldn't stop singing "It's a Small World." I think we only came up with four or five each, though.

And tonight we're going to beat Final Fantasy XII, even though we haven't killed the Behemoth King, because it's time for us to move on with our lives. It's a lovely game, but if we keep trying to do these insane sidequests, we may end up hating it. And so tonight it ends.

Today I'm thankful for getting more shipping confirmations, getting back to manga serieses that progress at a pace that actually feels like it's progressing, hand soap, nurses, and closure.