March 3rd, 2007


Now I wish we had our Zidane icon back.

We got to play Final Fantasy IX last night! It was kind of cute, because we thought it was just one of those crazy things of ours that people might care about, if they're feeling generous, so we didn't really push to play it, but we did make the suggestion, and after that Kimee kept asking about it. Though it may have helped that she's not a big Wheel of Fortune fan. What was really surprising, though, is that Scott, who went into the other room to play some golf video game as soon as we were done eating pizza, came in and watched the whole time we played FF9. But the best part was when Kimee was asking about it and she asked, "Is it Japanese anime? Because I think Japanese anime can be really cool."

And so we played FF9 and were reminded just how much we love Zidane. He's so awesome. And there are so many little things he does that are awesome, like when they're all running away after beating the boss in the forest, and he waits to make sure everyone is out before he leaves himself. Him and Blank both were like that. Tantalus is the best. There are a lot of little things the characters do that seem like they didn't necessarily have to be programmed to do that, but they do anyway and it just makes them so much more them. One of these days I'll remember to look up the director and see what else he's done.

One thing I noticed this time that never occurred to me before is how coincidental it is that everyone in Tantalus except Baku and Ruby just happens to have the name of whichever character they play in "I Want to be Your Canary." Do you think it's that most of the characters just didn't have names, so they just use their real names when they're making stuff up, or that Baku has a habit of adopting random kids he finds abandoned in the wilderness or wherever and naming them after Ipsen characters?

Scott started falling asleep, so we would keep checking to make sure people weren't too bored, but Kimee always assured us that she wasn't tired, and Scott kept blaming his falling asleep on the position he was in (it was just too comfortable). It probably had nothing to do with it being after ten o'clock *grin* But when we suggested turning it off so people could go to bed, Kimee would try to wake Scott up. It was cute.

On a completely different note, somehow we randomly got a Wildlife Explorer magazine type thingie in the mail. It's these information cards on different animals, and it's totally awesome. They had a free offer and we happened to win the thing where we get the binder to put all the cards in for free! And! if you send in the subscription thingie, you get a Wildlife Explorer backpack! We're such suckers. But now our kids can be wildlife experts! If we had kids. But it would be awesome reference material if we wanted to write stories with animals.

And now Final Fantasy XII has eaten our day away. But at least we feel like we're making progress, slow though it may be. So I will end this in the interest of getting back to it. Today I'm thankful for getting to do stuff we enjoy with people who enjoy it with us, spreading the joy of FF9, neat wildlife info thingies with pretty pictures, making progress with sidequests, and Zidane Tribal.