March 2nd, 2007


So much for restraint

We checked our e-mail at one point yesterday and found out that Rightstuf is having another one of those crazy sales where you can get 10 DVDs from a certain company for $50 or 25 for $100. This time it's ADV, and we wanted Princess Tutu soooooo baaaaaad! It was also a good excuse to fill up our DN Angel DVD box, since at this point getting the whole set would normally be cheaper than filling the box. But at $5 each, now filling the box is cheaper! Yay! Also, since they were out of Princess Tutu 1 and 4, we got GetBackers 4 and 5, to fill up that box. That's why it sucks to suddenly find yourself completely out of money when you're in the middle of collecting anime. Well, that and the not being able to buy food thing. That kind of sucks too.

So now we have to get Princess Tutu 1 and 4 somewhere else, which is only slightly annoying, because, thanks to Netflix, we're on volume 3, so we can at least pick up where we left off. We figure we'll get them when we go to Best Buy to see about getting a microphone and some CD-Rs.

We're also back to work today, which is fun, but sooooo sloooooow. That's the biggest problem with the CMX series. The pages are crammed with text. Such a good series, though. If you like girly stuff. But we don't know what time we're being picked up to go babysitting, so we're not sure how much more work will get done. What we're hoping will happen at babysitting is we'll say, "One of the things we really like to do is play Final Fantasy IX and read the parts out loud!" and the kids will be like, "Okay, sounds alright." And then we can corrupt... er, I mean share the joy. Or we'll end up watching Zoom.

Today I'm thankful for being able to take advantage of craaaaaazy sales, finally getting to see more Princess Tutu (it's been over a year...), big checks with which to pay taxes, being able to buy food, and having candy bars.