March 1st, 2007

kid flash


baranoneko is made of awesome. We've been thinking about the Pony Canyon auditions, because we realized if we actually want to follow through on them, we kind of have to. Last night Athena remembered a song we'd heard that we'd always wanted to do at karaoke, but had forgotten about because we haven't been watching the anime anymore (it's the ending theme to Harukanaru Toki no Nakade), and baranoneko was not only online today, but she got the song to us within minutes of us asking for it! And she scanned the CD booklet so we could have the lyrics! And! she sent us the opening theme too, which is back to being one of my favorite songs!

So now we're all excited about singing, but more excited about the fact that we can actually play the HaruToki games. Of course we have to get them first. We decided to order HaruToki2 to pay ourselves for babysitting Steve's kids tomorrow, because we figure they probably won't pay us (but we do get cheesy bites pizza, so it's all good). So why don't we just go order it right now? I don't know, I think it's an exercise in restraint or something. That and we have to give ourselves more time to finish up with Final Fantasy XII and its crazy sidequests (we did manage to find another Esper yesterday!), because we have a growing line of games to play once we've beaten it.

And so today we ended up taking the day off again. But we did look for all our bill stubs for the internet, so we can get them deducted from our taxes! So we're not entirely irresponsible.

Last night we ended up watching Scrubs instead of playing more FF12 because after America's Next Top Model (we watch it for research purposes, but I do admit that we don't hate it), we each had a kitty in our lap and so neither of us could get up to turn on the PlayStation. But it was all good because Scrubs is an awesome show, and I love that JD is such a geek. I only bring it up because I wanted to mention the part where Dr. Cox was listing all the things he doesn't care about, and right before he left, he said, "Oh yeah. And Hugh Jackman." And JD thought, "But Hugh Jackman is Wolverine! How dare he." ♥♥♥

Today I'm thankful for shiny new mp3s!, Koei the Best repriced games, Scrubs, having a job where Internet bills are tax deductable, and another day off. We really shouldn't make it last, though, because we like to get things in ahead of deadline.