February 11th, 2007


As promised!

I was planning on posting much much earlier, but when we took a break from the computer to eat the last of our chocolate covered pretzels, Celeste asked why we weren't watching a movie. We'd actually kind of been planning to watch a movie anyway, but it was kind of weird because we always like to watch movies in the evening, while Celeste likes to watch them Now.

We watched The Wild, another movie we accidentally bought from the Disney Movie Club. For the most part I like it, but there are some parts where it looks like the writers thought they were funny, but didn't quite make it. It makes us want to write something and see people's reactions to see if we're as funny as we think we are. And of course, I have to give credit because there were a lot of parts in The Wild that actually were very funny.

Anyway, I promised we'd get this translation posted on Sunday at the latest, and, it being Sunday, that means today's the day, so, here it is, as promised!

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That was a little trickier to translate than... no, I knew it would be that hard. So I hope it's accurate. As for the "welcome" line, Miyano-kun♥ said that when he sang the song, he sang it with the attitude that the "irasshaimase (welcome)," was actually "irasshai-myself." He's such a good Tamaki-sama♥

Also, if you clicked the link, you know that we didn't include the Japanese lyrics. The reason for that is we didn't want to type them. We are lazy lazy bums♫ But now we know how to insert music notes♪ (Thanks to kabochan for inspiring us to figure it out!)

Today I'm thankful for Mimsy finding a new perch on the cable box, being able to input music notes♪, dancing wildebeests, dancing elves (in Atelier Marie and Elie, you can hire elves to make stuff for you, but when they're out of ingredients to make the stuff, they sometimes start dancing, so you talk to them and you're like, "Dude, what's the deal here?" and they're like, "We're out of ingredients, so I'm dancin'!" (I wonder if that sounds as good in text as it does when we say it), and then Athena's like, "Oh are you now? Well then here, have a JOB!" and then they're like, "Aw, man, I always have to make that!" and Athena's like, "Well tough."), and ♪havin' a really nice day, really nice day, really nice daaaaay♪♫

EDIT: So, listening to the Host club soundtrack, Sakura Kiss for strings starts playing, and we're like, "Oh, this makes me so happy, Athena needs to learn to play the cello so we can perform this and Riku's theme from Kingdom Hearts!" So we were pricing cellos and violas (Celeste's going to play the viola for our string quartet, only we only have one violinist (who needs to get her violin fixed), so we're actually going to be a trio--it'll be the new rage), and that reminded us of a joke! Because the violas weren't getting very many stars, so we're like, "Oh, it's all in how well you play it, and nobody cares about violas anyway. Remember?...

You're lost and you need to ask for directions. You can ask either a good violist, a bad violist, or unicorn. Who do you ask?

The bad violist, because the other two are mythical creatures.

EDIT2: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! We'd been remembering all week, but somehow it just slipped our minds today! Happy birthday baranoneko! Even if it's already over in your time zone. Eheh.