February 7th, 2007


Good news!

Cheesy bites pizza is back at Pizza Hut! The best pizza ever, and we have money! This is the same pizza the bishop brought us about a year ago when we were very very poor, and we discovered that it was the best pizza ever created. Whoever came up with it is a genius. We are so getting one tonight.

Also, we stayed up late last night listening to our "Decade: Yukiru Sugisaki 10th Anniversary" drama CD, and ooohhh the shininess. This is the drama CD that has most of the characters from all four of Yukiru Sugisaki's big titles working together to defeat some evil of some made up source. It was amazing, because they seemed to make it a Maga, a Victim (or Giseisha, if you're reading the TokyoPop release), and a Hikari work of art!

We're still not entirely sure how it all fits together, because it's in Japanese and we only listened to it once. There's so much going on all at once, some of it was bound to fall through the cracks. Like there's one part where Satoshi is talking to himself and explaining everything to himself and, consequently, the audience, but Zero is talking over it, and you know how Zero can be. Oy.

There were some veeerry interesting casting choices. We were shocked! to find out they changed Hiead's voice *sniffle* And then we were even more shocked to find out that his new voice was Keiji Fujiwara, who originally played Instructor Azuma in the anime! This was something I had a hard time wrapping my mind around, because, in my mind, Fujiwara-san plays old guys with five o'clock shadow who usually smoke, and are kind of mentor-y. And Reno, but he doesn't count. I guess Axel is kind of on the same line as Reno, so he doesn't count either. Anyway, it's a lot easier to understand a voice actor who usually plays teenage boys going on to play characters like that later on, but it's a little weird for it to happen the other way around. But he did an amazing job, and Hiead is like the one character he plays where he's not using almost exactly the same voice. We knew it was him, but we still had a hard time telling it was him. It was weird.

And! They had Roose! We weren't sure if they would, since in all the information we'd seen, there had been no mention of him, but he was there, and he was sooooo cute! It was great, because he said his first line, and I thought, "Yay, it's Roose! That voice is so good for him!" And then about three seconds later, the seiyuu fanatic part of my brain caught up with me and said, "Dude, that's Soichiro Hoshi!" (With Athena, it was the other way around. She heard him and was like, "Hoshi-san? What are you doing here? ...are you Roose!?") It's kind of funny to think of him being Goku at the same time, because Roose likes food just as much, so he'll ask about it, but he's a lot more afraid of people than Goku, so he's a lot more polite about it. Too cute.

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Romi Park was in it! And she was awesome, of course. She's the new voice of Tomonori in Rizelmine and Ayato in Lagoon Engine. Now that's an interesting pair.

Oh! And Ryotaro Okiayu was Ernest. That is very, very strange. I guess we're just too used to him playing characters like Dark and Shigure, and then of course psychos like Dogun. So when we saw on the cast list that he was Ernest (after hearing Hoshi-san as Roose, we found where the cast was listed; we then had to replay part of the CD because we'd missed part of it), it was a little shocking. He did a very good job, of course, but we are a little sad that they didn't get Tsutomu Kashiwakura, because the fact that he was played by the same voice actor as Sapphir (or however you want to spell it) in Sailor Moon R was part of why we fell in love with him to begin with.

Rie Kugimiya was playing Risa this time, so it's sad that Erei wasn't in it, because then she would have been in every series that was represented. Akira Ishida did get to reprise all of his characters (except for Aracd in Megami Kouhosei, but they couldn't have logically worked him in--unless they had Erts. Aww, I want Erts.), but he was never in Rizelmine to begin with. So nobody got to be in every series. Sad.

And that concludes my LiveJournal geek session for today. Except to say that Zero and Jin playing ping-pong is just classic. Hiead and Satoshi, too, because they're like the same character. Only Hiead seems more homicidal.

Today I'm thankful for ultra-crossovers, double casts, voice actors playing more than one character (sometimes it's sad because we want more voice actors to obsess over, but in cases like this, with about a million characters, it's just fun), the Return of Cheesy Bites Pizza, and having been allowed to translate all of Yukiru Sugisaki's manga (except for Lagoon Engine Einsatz *shakes fist at Newtype USA*).

Oh! I forgot! At the end, they had a thing where apparently people sent in requests for lines they wanted to have characters say! They were all DN Angel characters, and it was pretty standard, like Daisuke (Hoshi-san version) saying, "May I steal your heart?" Dark said, "Come steal my heart. I'm waiting." And they had Satoshi say, "I love you. Go out with me." Bwahahahahahahaha!!! Gotta love those fangirls. And then beat them off with a stick and steal Satoshi for myself. And then they had the results of the top ten songs from Yukiru Sugisaki serieses. It was really cute, because they had the character who sang the song (or who represented the series for which the song was sung) say the title. Rizel saying, "Hajimete shimasho!" was too cute!