February 4th, 2007


Round One! Fight!

We first found out about the Saiyuki fighting game a long, long time ago. We had recently gotten a copy of Bus Gamer, and finally found time to translate it, and lo and behold, Saito was in an arcade, playing a Saiyuki fighting game. We thought that was the coolest thing ever, and it would be totally awesome if they actually made one. And then we remembered seeing somewhere online that they were going to be releasing a new Saiyuki video game soon. So we found the official website and, lo and behold again, it was a fighting game. That's when we decided we absolutely must get a Japanese PS2--so we could play this game.

We're not generally big fighting game fans, but this was Saiyuki. And! it was just like in Bus Gamer! I'm convinced that they wouldn't have been allowed to make it without including Chin Yisou. But sadly, unlike the Bus Gamer version, it looks like Rikudo's not in it. Unless he's hidden away and we haven't unlocked him yet. It was also the year Athena was like, "I need to improve my gaming skills! I need a fighting game!" Plus, what could be more therapeutic than beating Hazel to a bloody pulp?

Thanks to a tip from chibidrunksanzo, we were able to find a copy of the game on eBay for a lot cheaper than other places were selling it, and we obtained ourselves a copy. But then our Mom got engaged and we knew we'd be kicked out on our own soon and have to start paying rent. Add to that the fact that we were catching up with Japan on all the titles we were translating for TokyoPop (and therefore not sure how long our income would be incoming), and we decided it would be a bad idea to spend hundreds of dollars on a Japanese gaming console (even though they had an adorable sakura pink one that we really, really wanted, and it was a limited edition). And so our copy of the Saiyuki Reload Gunlock fighting game went unplayed, until Friday night.

Finally, finally, after two and a half years, we got to play the Saiyuki fighting game. And it's awesome. We have it set up right now so that Goku is the announcer for everything. I love that you can do that! The scenes before each of the fights in story mode are awesome, too. So far, we've only played through as Hakkai and Goku (we still haven't beaten Atelier Marie+Elie, and that one has to come first), but it's funny how even in Goku's story mode, Hakkai can't seem to be the bad guy. I can't wait to unlock all the pictures in the gallery!

It was kind of weird when Athena played through as Hakkai, because he sounded a little different than Hakkai. Still Akira Ishida, of course, but different. Maybe it's because it was a video game. Goku sounded exactly the same; I wonder if it's because Hoshi-san has more experience doing fighting games (he's Ryu in Pocket Fighter and Super Puzzle Fighter II: Turbo (which isn't a fighting game, but talks like one)).

And now another dream has been fulfilled. Except that we haven't unlocked Hazel, so we haven't gotten to beat the crud out of him yet.

And on that lovely note, I change the subject to church. We had ward conference today, and I guess since we're all single, the stake leaders decided to do the same stuff they did with the youth in the family wards. And this time, they're teaching all the youth to give good talks. They told us that every good talk has to have a Truth (a scripture), a Tale, and a Testimony (the three T's of good talks), and then they called on people to speak extemporaneously for two minutes. Since I actually did come up with something to speak on, but I wasn't called on, I figure I'd better say something about it, or, as the Fruits Basket subtitles say, "I'll catch it." So here it is!

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Man, I hate giving talks. (Not to say I didn't mean any of that; just that I feel awkward saying it.)

Today I'm thankful for not having to give a talk today, being treated to cinnamon rolls, not being as terrible at playing as Goku as I thought I might be, the option of having your favorite Saiyuki character be the announcer, and still having dreams to work toward.