January 27th, 2007


Um... uh...

I asked Celeste to give me a good subject line, and that's what she said.

Athena depressed me when she came up from the mail today. She said, as she's been saying every other day when she's checked the mail and found out we don't have a check, "I think I'm gonna cry..." But today, she then proceeded to show me the mail, revealing the long-awaited check from Del Rey! Da-DAAAAHH!

So we got Celeste to take us to the bank, and on Monday (after we pay our tithing tomorrow), we'll be ordering that Japanese PS3. We also went to Target and found out that they didn't in fact have the Brother Bear soundtrack (not at that particular Target anyway, but we didn't care enough to go on a quest), which is just as well, because we'd probably listen to it once while working on +ANIMA 6 and never listen to it again. So we bought some Zizzlingers and some things to munch on and headed across the parking lot to Game Stop, because since Celeste found out there's another Castlevania game for DS, she's really really wanted it. And we wanted games too.

It was amazing though, because we were looking at the DS games, and they didn't have the game Celeste was looking for, so I said we'd have to ask when we went to purchase our game. (After chibidrunksanzo told us that Link is right-handed in the Wii version of Twilight Princess, we decided we wanted the GameCube version after all.) But then I noticed someone standing next to me and I said, "Or we could ask this guy here," as he was clearly a Game Stop employee. And he said, "Can I help you?" so we asked about the game and he explained that it came out a few years ago but now it's like the hardest DS game to find, but he would call the other Game Stops to see if they had it.

While that was going on, Athena wandered over to the used GBA game case, where she discovered that they had Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. She pointed at it and said, "That one! That's the one I want!" And I said, "We're going to have to ask them to open the case and get it for us," and our favorite employee, who had just walked up behind us, said, "Can I help you?"

It was pretty awesome. Especially because right after she got the game for us, the guy we'd talked to about Castlevania raised his voice from behind the counter (where he was on the phone) and said, "You do!?" He confirmed that it was the right game and asked them to reserve it for us. And, to top it all off, we got a few cents off of our purchase because I didn't have exact change. I did have an extra dollar, but she didn't take it.

(As I was pulling out the money, I said, "Here's $40... $5..." And Athena asked if I had the coins for the change, but all I had was two pennies and a nickel. I pulled out the one, but our favorite employee said, "Give me the nickel and we'll call it good enough." I saw her take a quarter and a penny from somewhere, so we don't think she'll get in trouble... (For those of you doing the math, we also had a $25 gift card.))

So now we have a few more games that we don't have time to play! And when we get our PS3, we'll have a few more games that we don't have time to play! Woohoo!

We really need to beat Final Fantasy XII.

Oh! Also! When we went to the mall with the other Game Stop, we passed a booth type thing. What caught my eye was a framed Yu-Gi-Oh picture. Normally I wouldn't think anything of it, because Yu-Gi-Oh is so hugely popular, but what I noticed about it was that all the writing on the packaging was in Japanese. So as we kept walking by, we noticed all the anime keychains on the table. And then we came to the cosplay items. It was mostly necklaces and stuff. They had a ton of Kingdom Hearts jewelry, and of course Naruto and Bleach, but they even had DN Angel stuff! As we went on, we discovered their large collection of Naruto ninja accessories--headbands, shuriken, those knife thingies that all the ninja fans are going to look at us like we're crazy for not knowing what they're called... They also had, we noticed on our way back, Urahara's hat. So if anyone's been having a hard time finding such accessories, let us know, and we'll see if they have what you're looking for!

Today I'm thankful for finally getting our check from Del Rey, ideal customer service experiences, shiny new/used games, having things to munch on, and new cereal (Life cereal with chocolate oatmeal clusters!).