January 12th, 2007

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Racing the clock

Just when we were thinking we had a short break, we get about a bazillion things to do! It's all a very good thing, but it was kind of interesting, because that's what we were saying as we left to go to the post office this morning. Since we're wanting to work really fast for TokyoPop, but we have the Del Rey deadline first, and then we have to go to the post office, which means we want to stop by the 99cents Only Store, which happened to have printer paper, so now we can print out those work orders and get them sent in. And we thought we'd have some extra time, because we thought we'd get the Del Rey book today, but we actually got it yesterday. Not to mention the fact that we have plans with our anime buddy to watch some anime tonight for the first time since like AX, and we've been tagged, and somebody posted a translation at honyaku_dojo that we ought to look over, and Mom wanted us to get together with her to do some scrapbooking for her parents' 50th anniversary, etc. etc. etc.

And to top it all off, when we opened up our e-mail to get to the work orders, there was one from our boss at TokyoPop saying that she knows our schedule's crazy right now, but she thought we'd want to do this translation anyway and they need it in a week. And boy do we ever want to do that translation. I can't think of any way to express how much we want to do this translation, other than, "Holy freaking cow, yes!" But I'm not sure I care for that kind of language.

So now we have two translations due next Friday, and we only started the one today. Fortunately, we're making good progress. I'm a little worried about how long it might take us to do translation notes for Del Rey, but so far they haven't talked much about food, so it might not take much time at all.

Also, as it turns out, Sarah has a formal tomorrow, so she'll be dealing with all that sort of stuff, meaning we might not get to work on scrapbooking that much, which means more time to translate. It's just really hard because we start thinking about how much we have to do, and then we start freaking out about whether or not we can get it done (which really wouldn't be so scary if not for how much we reeeeeeally want to get stuff turned in on time, especially this new one), so then we can't concentrate on anything and nothing gets done. It's rather counterproductive.

One thing we don't have to do today, that I have to mention or else I'll forget, is reserve a hotel room for AX. They've announced the Renaissance hotel at their website, and we were thinking of reserving a room this morning, but we decided that since there will be at least two more hotels, and last time AX was at Long Beach they seemed to have a lot of panels in the Hyatt but not so much the Renaissance, we figured we could wait until we had more than $20 in our bank account.

Since our anime buddy can't join us this year, we thought we'd go ahead and get a room for just the two of us, but since there are a few people on our friends list who didn't go last year and may be thinking of going this year and may be in need of a room, now we have an opportunity to offer some space. One of the greatest things about our job is that AX is tax deductable. Whee! So if you're thinking about going to AX and need a room, let us know!

EDIT: I forgot to explain that, while we don't have much money right now, we get paid three months after we turn in work for TokyoPop, so we'll most likely have money for the hotel come July. We promise this is not a scam to get somebody else to pay for it.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on translating, very likely getting to translate this new thing, being able to get together with our anime buddy to watch anime, a shiny new national parks calendar, and push pins for the library at church.

What am I doing typing this up!? I have work to do!!


Rule of the game: Once you've been tagged, go to your journal and type in the subject for Tagged. Tell who has tagged you and then write down the rules. (CTRL + C) Then, tell 6 things about yourself, could be anything [habits/likes/dislikes/etc]. At the end, write who you will tag next. Finally, when you'll tag someone's journal, leave a link for them to return to your "Tagged" entry. Remember not to tag the person who has tagged you in the first place.

1. We like mecha anime (we just spent the evening watching Gundam Seed, so it's on my mind). Not all of it. Some of it is dumb, but then, some of every genre is dumb. We recently came to the conclusion that anyone who is a fan of Star Wars and anime really has no excuse to be biased against mecha anime. I mean, technically, there's a lot of mecha in Star Wars. It's just not humanoid. And being humanoid makes Gundams (for example) that much cooler, because then they can have sword fights. They're practically having light saber battles in their mecha! How cool is that?

2. We like being tagged. It means someone remembers we exist, which is something that's sometimes been pretty rare for us in the past three years or so. But I'm still deathly afraid of tagging other people, so I think I may again refrain from doing so.

3. We just got a new calendar. We thought of printing one ourselves, because then it would be more personalized and awesome, but then we realized we hate searching for pictures on the internet. And then we didn't have time, so it all worked out. The one we have now is a national parks calendar. It was between that one and foxes (so cute!), but while we have a difficult time resisting adorable animals, we needed something with more color. The picture for January is El Capitan in Yosemite, which at first is awesome, because Yosemite's like California's awesomest national park, and we're California girls. But at second, it sucks, because that's where Steve proposed to Mom.

4. While I'm mentioning things I've mentioned before, since there are new people on our friends list since we first mentioned this, we got a special message from Shunichi Miyamoto and Miyu Irino, the singer of the opening theme to DN Angel and the kid who played Daisuke. They were doing an internet radio show to promote DN Angel CDs, and it took e-mails, so we wrote in asking if they could speak English. We don't know if Irino-kun was just really excited to hear from American fans, or to have a greeting that wasn't time specific and easier to say than Ohakonbanchi wa. He used my "ハロー!" again in the pre-recorded thing where they stole Rie Tanaka. But they each introduced themselves, and then Irino-kun asked Miyamoto-kun to give us (specifically Alethea-san and Athena-san) a message in English! きゃっ♥
Amazingly, all the backnumbers are still up at the Victor website, and can be found here. Our e-mail is read toward the beginning of the 9/25 show, by Irino-kun himself! きゅん♥ (Though I'm a little embarrassed because I think I messed up the Japanese in one place.)
But we haven't figured out how to save the files to our computer, probably because Victor Entertainment would rather we not.

5. As we sit here listening to our Goku album, the image that keeps appearing in my head is that of Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed. I guess that's what happens when you're too into voice actors, and you watch Gundam Seed before listening to a Goku album. The weird thing is it works so well for almost all of the songs that the image doesn't go away. I didn't think Kira and Goku were so similar. Because they're...not, really. They have the same hair color, ish.
When I do imagine Goku singing Going, I imagine him dancing around on a stage, kind of boy band style, and I would love to do karaoke to that song like that, but I have no idea what the choreography would actually look like.

6. We love talking about ourselves but have a difficult time coming up with things to say about ourselves. So we love it when people ask us about ourselves, but then we feel bad because we're not so good at asking people about themselves, and it's not fair for us to hog all the attention (something we learned from having two sisters constantly competing for the spotlight). And of course there's always the concern that things we can talk about for hours aren't quite as fascinating to our audience. Oh well.

As I mentioned earlier, I think we're not going to tag anyone, but if anyone on our friends list hasn't been tagged for this and wants to be, feel free to say we tagged you!
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