January 11th, 2007


Brief hiatus

The timing would have been so perfect. We would have finished Elemental Gelade yesterday, giving us two days to work on Ai Yori Aoshi before the books came for the Del Rey series on Friday. But AYA went a lot faster than expected, so now we have about 24 hours before we can get to work on the Del Rey series, which we're definitely going to want to do right away, because our deadline's a week from tomorrow. And that means we're not going to want to pick up Fruits Basket until afterward, because it's not good to interrupt one translation for another. It throws off the groove. Groooooooove~~~

On another note, we have determined that it is in our best interests to get Celeste a copy of Castlevania for Nintendo DS. She left her Super Mario Bros. game at Mom's, and apparently has no interest in getting it back. This is a problem for us, because it means she gets to take Brain Age to work so she can play DS when she's on break and is bored, but we don't get to train our brains until she gets back, taking valuable time away from our Final Fantasy XII sidequesting. Oooooh, sidequesting! *shakes fist* Darn game that makes you level up for real plot battles.

Also, we recently downloaded the AIM upgrade, which was kind of disorienting at first because of the new format. And just when we got used to it, we discovered that the upgrade apparently didn't replace the old version, so now we're running two, 2, TWO AIMs at once! It's very strange, because we were chatting earlier today, and even though we only sent messages through one AIM, we received messages on both. Oooooooooooohhhhh...!

Today I'm thankful for a short break in which to do chores and stuff, The Emperor's New Groove, memories of not being a slave to sidequests, being ahead of the behind-schedule schedule, and images in my head of Goku dancing boy-band style to his new image song.