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Yup, that's us. Part of it is that it's a lot easier not to focus on how frustrated we are with various goings on while we're focused on work, and part of it is that with this particular job, it's easy to get caught up in the momentum. We'll have worked for ten or twenty minutes before we realize that that's how long ago our CD ended, signifying time for a break. And then we'll still keep looking stuff up.

Celeste's spent almost all day watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, which is part of why we've spent the day in hiding. If we start watching TV, we may never leave. If it was just us watching TV, we could just turn it off when our show ended, but when Celeste is watching TV, she's doing it to kill time, so it never goes off, and we have a hard time walking away.

Another reason we're so focused on work is because we want to get it the heck over with. Because once we're confident we're far enough ahead of schedule, we can make our own day off to spend getting caught up on anime, and then make another one to spend playing Final Fantasy XII all day. We're both appalled at how slowly we're progressing through that game.

But because we're so focused on work, we've gotten it into our heads that we don't have time for anything else. So heero2020, you may have to wait a while until we get to reading your short stories. We'll try to get to them soon!

Today I'm thankful for momentum, being done with the slooooow slow part of this crazy crazy thing (even if we do still have a few things to look up), leftover turkey, leftover rolls, and Jeopardy! still being on during Thanksgiving weekend.
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