December 22nd, 2006



We are now officially caught up on all our anime!! Yay!!! Things are getting really intense, too. We're actually anxious to get the next episode of Mar. And I'm afraid I'm going to get wrinkles from furrowing my brow at all the characters' craziness. Still want to beat Yunoki over the head.

Now all we have left to do is finish the e-mail I started to Clay and wrap Mom's Christmas present. And get a present for Aurora, but we're thinking that's not going to happen before Christmas. Oh yeah, and burn some DVDs for our anime buddy. But first we have to see if the one download will finish. At any rate, it's not much. I even practiced the piano for the ward thingie tomorrow morning. There's some organization that sets up this thing where people from the community buy presents for the elderly people who don't have anyone to get presents for them, and our stake participated, and our ward is in charge of delivering the presents to the retirement home. We're going to do that, and then sing some Christmas songs for them. Our anime buddy got put in charge, and she wanted us to come to make sure we had someone who could play the piano, and at a decent speed. Then after that, hopefully the three of us and Celeste will go to see Night at the Museum, which we're all dying to see.

Meanwhile, Steve has found out about Celeste's determination to stay home for Christmas and decided he needs to call her himself. He called to talk to us first, probably because I was talking to Mom about it this morning, trying to justify Celeste's reasoning and maybe get Mom something that might change Celeste's mind, I don't know. I mentioned that we remembered how sucky Christmas was for us last year, and we didn't want Celeste to go through the same thing. I explained that most of the problems stemmed from the Mom and Steve getting offended at our slightest mistake, so apparently Steve felt the need to tell us that there were no hard feelings about last year. Duh, I brought it up and Mom had no idea what I was talking about. It reminds me of when Stephen Colbert accepts apologies. Maybe it was a good thing he called while I was in the bathroom so Athena ended up talking to him instead.

We'll have to apologize profusely to Celeste when she gets home.

On a completely different note, Mamoru Miyano was talking about a Christmas event Smily Spiky is having tomorrow (which is actually today in Japan), and said something about it being on Christmas Eve Eve. I'm amused that that's made it to Japan. Maybe it's just me.

Today I'm thankful for finally being caught up on our anime, having presents under our tree so it doesn't look quite so lonely, having gotten Mom's present today, Muppet Christmas Carol, and getting to play the piano.