December 20th, 2006


But we're on vacation!

We're not entirely free of responsibility yet. We promised Mom we'd take care of making sure everybody got a t-shirt to go with the pajama pants she bought for Christmas. That part is our fault, because we were the ones that said, "Hey, let's use t-shirt transfers!" We really need to think more before we act, because when it actually came down to finding pictures, we're like, "But... I have no idea what any of these people will like!" That's not entirely true; we have some idea, but no confidence. What we really wanted to do for Celeste was get "I'm awesome" in a bunch of different languages and print them out in fancy fonts and stuff, but we only know a few languages ourselves, and we couldn't very well ask Celeste.

We came up with something though, and I hope everyone likes them. We're really nervous, though. But how can you not like... ehem. Oops; someone might find this. So now we've printed out the pictures, but we're too lazy to iron them on until tomorrow. My excuse is that the instructions say to wait for the ink to dry thoroughly.

But somehow being roped into altering the pajama pants for Kimee was not my fault. I didn't even realize it was something Mom wanted me to do until she e-mailed me with Kimee's measurements. There was kind of a hint of it when she brought the stuff on Saturday, but I like to think I would have remembered agreeing to do something like that. *sigh*

We also bought Christmas presents last night! Yay! We also got this thing where you put it in water and then it gets all fizzy and stuff and there's a Disney princess inside! We're suckers for stuff like that. If it was just, "Look, here's an adorable Disney princess figure!" we'd look at it in the store and be all, "How cuuuuute!" And put it down and walk away. But when we don't know which one it is, we absolutely must find out. And they're all so cute! And they even have the less common ones like Esmeralda! I don't think they have Meg or Jane though. Sad. Or maybe they just weren't pictured on the back...

But we still don't have anything for Aurora. I'm sure we'll find something. Eventually.

Also today, we got our shower fixed again. My theory is that last time, the guy just re-attached the knob so that it worked and we could adjust the temperature again, but it didn't last because the knob was broken. This time, we have a new knob, so hopefully we won't have to report our shower again for a long time.

Today I'm thankful for having our shower fixed again, adorable mystery Disney princess thingies, having found cute pictures for pajamas, getting closer and closer to catching up on anime, and Baked! Ruffles.