December 14th, 2006


If I don't enter a subject, will "Enter a Subject" become the subject?

Silly LiveJournal, fixing up the posting thingie thing but not fixing it so it's not constantly telling me I'm posting six hours later than I really am. Tsk, tsk. They seriously changed it like right after I updated yesterday, so when people were talking about it on our friends list, I was like, "Wha?" It's throwing me off that the window is so big, but the font is so small... Oh well, I'll get used to it.

I'm sort of on a Little Mermaid kick now, because of +Anima. We have a rule that we're not allowed to listen to Disney music while translating because we'll get too caught up singing along (even with the instrumentals; eheh) and we won't get any work done, but we waived it today because the one chapter of +Anima had this guy acting just like Prince Eric after Ariel saved him. It was too amusing; we just had to listen to the Little Mermaid soundtrack.

And this new format thing really is confusing me. It's so white. My eyes hurt. Oh well.

Fortunately, we managed to finish almost an entire chapter despite the Disney music. It's kind of funny that it's most dangerous specifically when it's Disney music. Saiyuki CDs we can listen to with hardly any problems, but when we put in the second Kingdom Hearts II soundtrack disc, we lose ten minutes right there just from the Atlantica stuff, and we don't even know the Japanese lyrics (or even the English lyrics to the originals). But Kingdom Hearts magic makes up for it, so it's okay. It probably doesn't hurt that the KH soundtracks are long.

Now I want to decorate everything so it has the same atmosphere as the scenery in The Little Mermaid. Or move to San Diego. Right now we've got a Beauty and the Beast atmosphere going, but that's more from weather than decor.

I'm afraid I've been so boring lately. We were at the bookstore with Mom a long time ago, when we were still working on the crazy crazy thing, and there was a book about how to keep an interesting blog, entitled something along the lines of, "No one cares what you had for lunch today." I hope I'm not that bad at least.

Um... *tries to think of something interesting*


Today I'm thankful for extra light in our room during the winter, Beauty and the Beast weather, Little Mermaid weather, San Diego, and monkeys.