November 26th, 2006



The last little while has been very nostalgic. It started last night when we were trying to figure out what to watch during dinner. We discovered that there was a program called Yin Yang Yo! on Toon Disney that the TV Guide website claimed was from the producers of The Fairly OddParents. We thought that was kind of weird, since no one seems to have mentioned it on the Butch Hartman forums. So we figured the best way to find out for sure would be to watch it.

We turned the TV on and changed it to Toon Disney and found out we don't really have Toon Disney. That was weird, because when the cable guy turned the TV on to show me how the cable worked, it was on Toon Disney, and it was working. So we checked the booklet that came with the package to see what exactly we do have, and we found out we have the Nick Games and Sports channel that baranoneko mentioned the other day. So I changed the channel and it just so happened to be showing Legends of the Hidden Temple, which, in our opinion, is the greatest kids' game show ever invented. Except for maybe Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?.

We caught it near the end, so we got to see the Green Monkeys make their way through the temple and win the grand prize! Go monkeys!!! We were surprised to read the credits and learn that Dee Baker was the voice of Olmec. We didn't really know who he was until we heard him as Wakka in Kingdom Hearts, but he does a ton of voiceover work. He has a very generic voice, though, so he's not a whole lot of main characters, but he was Gregor in the Double Cross My Heart episode of Danny Phantom, and Larry in the episode of Teen Titans where they break reality.

There was another episode, so we got to watch that and remember how awesome it is and wish we got to be on it and stuff. I want to be one of the temple guards. Rar!

And while we were watching I said, "I wonder if they have that one... what was it called? ...where they had to guess?" And Celeste said, "Oh! Oh! ...Figure It Out!" "Yeah!" And as it so happened, that was what was on next. The second episode had Josh and Danny, so we were all very happy, except that they figured out the first talent way too fast, and completely by accident, so we were sad for the contestant. We get so sad watching people lose on gameshows; it's not healthy. We should probably stop watching them. At least with Jeopardy! and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? it doesn't seem so bad. But with kids' gameshows, it's worse, because it's kids. But not with kids' Jeopardy!, because those kids get disgusting amounts of money for kids their age.

Anyway, after that was Guts, which I thought would be easy to resist, since it's all about sports, but then I remembered that crazy mountain thing at the end and how cool that was, so I had to turn it off before we got sucked in. We had other things to do, like play Final Fantasy XII.

Then this morning, I guess this one's not really nostalgia, but we found Aurora's LiveJournal. We've been trying to figure out good Christmas presents for people, and Aurora's the most important, since we're all too poor to buy presents for everybody, so we're on a rotation system where you get a gift for a different sister each year. I have Athena, so that won't be an issue, but Athena has Aurora and, while we can probably figure out a good present based on what we know, we thought we'd do some research.

It was really interesting reading her LiveJournal, but I don't know how she'd feel if she knew we did it. She hasn't updated since May, though, because she's been busy guiding tours at Universal Studios, which is why most of her entries leading up to that have been so interesting--they all talk about the Universal Studios tour guide training process. I thought about friending her, but then I wasn't sure if I wanted her to friend us back. Sometimes it's scary to think of family members reading your journal.

Anyway, we didn't get much help deciding on a Christmas present, but it was very interesting.

Then! We finally listened to the tape blackhope sent us. If you're reading this, Jon, we're sorry we didn't get to it sooner! I'm really not sure exactly why we didn't, actually. It was very fun to listen to, and had some great quotes, like, "Nibleys are wonderful people, but they're all very evil." It's sad, but true.

I wanted to talk about the tape more, but I forgot what all I wanted to say. Oh well. It was an awesome tape, but we still haven't listened to side two.

Oh! One last thing! We were decorating the church library today, since the bulletin boards have been kind of plain for a very long time and we thought we should make them prettier. There's also a blackboard (more like pink?), and we thought it would be neat to write Merry Christmas in a bunch of different languages on it. We started it already, so maybe other people will notice it and take initiative to write other languages they know on it themselves, but in case they don't, we're wondering if any of you wonderful people out there might be able to give us more languages to work with.

We already have English (duh), Japanese, Spanish, French, and Hawaiian (assuming we spelled it right). So any and all other languages would be greatly appreciated! We still need to look up the Al Bhed version.

Also! While we're at it, if anyone knows how to say "I'm awesome!" in another language, we'd like to hear about that, too!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Today I'm thankful for awesome tapes from friends, Hershey's dark chocolate syrup on chocolate ice cream, the Nick Games and Sports channel, adorable pictures of polar bears, and bulletin board decorations.